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Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by neural, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. Yeah that's definitely sad but it can't be helped. Only so much you can do with the same panels copy and pasted four updates in a row, when he's not doing another repost that is.
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  2. Too lazy to link but Jake Rapp’e and Allison Rapp’s dual threads were a fucking wonder. Can’t believr we got to witness the King of Chucks divorce her ass.

    Kitlen Julie, Mr. 600... I'm making friends everywhere!
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  3. Do best thread moments count? Anna Johnson's thread was at it's most entertaining back when several kiwis cooked her recipes and reviewed the result.

    AmberLynn Reid's general thread was pretty shitty due to a-logging at the time, but it was a beautiful moment when a Kiwi detective discovered her Wattpad. Her "writing" is still my favorite content she has produced thus far.

    I really look forward to whenever @John Webster posts a summary of Luna Slater's weekly shenanigans. Their posts are probably the only reason I even visit the thread in the first place.

    As for best subfourm, I'm sad Mr Enter and The Entersphere got shut down due to sperging by the time I discovered it. I would have loved join in and mock him for his pet project "Growing Around" and his entitled, ignorant views on the education system (especially college.)
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  4. Literally anything I've ever posted in.
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  5. I’m sure OPLs thread is a given.

    I kinda liked the Gloria Tesch thread when it was going on. Lots of laughs and disbelief. Sad to see she’s just a boring housewife now.

    Oh and Shaia LaBeaouf ‘s thread was a thing of beauty.

    And stink Ditch Phil, whose coming for us all.

    My fav cows rn; Susan Schofield, Russell Greer, granny Sparks, Amberlyn - have threads so full shit posting that they can sometimes be rougher than the content. I still find it worth it though,especially with Russ.

    But Chantel’s thread, omg, the amount of pure autism, diet arguments, troll sheilding, w.e.n.ing, mad on the internet-it’s almost unbearable. It’s like reading YTT. Kill it with fire.

    Boogie gets me a laugh now and then, and the new fairy witch, Kip or whatever, could be promising. Hartleys are slowing down too, guess we need a new crop of crazies. Watching Ryann get bigger and bigger and destroy her career is good. The Slatons.

    Too many good ones slowed. Dan Cilley, i miss his accosting. Its just to hard now with all day videos of him sleeping, etc.

    Edit: cleaned up drunk posting.
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  6. Everyone misses our Kween.

    I miss crappybeautydummy. Her bible art was legendary. She's still around but trolling made her refrain from posting stuff worth discussing so the thread is currently inactive. I no longer watch her videos because they're so boring these days and are likely to stay that way.
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  7. Bulla's thread was so good. Content heavy and I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME free. Then one person ruined it all (:_(
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  8. I think the reason Yandev keeps getting mentioned is because his patreon recently dropped about ~$500 after a few bad decisions and has made the things a little more interesting. We’re on the brink of the death spiral getting faster but it’s taken literal years for the death spiral to go this far as it is.
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  9. Of the ones I've seen been a part of? Probably Shia LaBeouf's thread. That was an amazing thing to keep coming back to when it was active.
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    Jewelsmakerguy (Cheesy 80s music intensifies)

  10. Shrek and Donkey's Whirlwind Adventure is a personal favorite of mine. Particularly, I enjoy @MirnaMinkoff's immigration-related posts that were very interesting and informing. It's a very interesting ride from start to finish, with Shrek visiting Null, how Null was able to collect all the data on the (lack of) TLL's activity, Nina's ICE adventures, the horrible planning of Sisterwood, etc. Sadly, it's currently slowed down and it doesn't look like Foxwood will ever be 1/10th of what Kjel & Pajeet were dreaming of.
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  11. The Onision thread is usually an unreadable circle jerk disaster, but just recently, the dude has seriously fucked up in a way that is very likely to get him absolutely ass raped by the feds.

    In short, he bought some land in Washington that just happens to be federally protected wetlands, immediately pissed off all his neighbors by being a complete asshole, then did unpermitted "improvements" to the land involving illegally cutting down trees and vegetation (in an area this could cause mudslides that routinely kill people in that state), and bulldozed the debris into the federally protected wetlands.

    The neighbors repeatedly reported him and when the LEAs showed up, he was a rude dick to them and nearly went sovcit, claiming that the law enforcement agencies were "trespassing" when obviously, they do not need a warrant to do their job.

    Remember that Washington State has nuked multinational logging corporations for shit like this, and does not take shit from random nobodies, and Onision considers himself God's gift to whatever an Onision would be God's gift to.

    The shitstorm starts here:

    Onision / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson / Avaroe
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  12. My favorite part of the Alison Rapp thread was how it got locked three fucking times in the space of like a day.

    Honestly, two of my favorite threads are the Nice Guy and Incel threads in Community Watch. Not only is it really fun laughing at those losers, they're massive honeypots for homegrown spergs who think they can set the record straight to us. It's great.
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