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Best ones are what a burger, stars, jack in a box, and chick fil a. Good ones are McDonald's, Wendy's, and subway. Worst is burger King.

Palutena Tier: Culver's, Chick-Fil-A, Freddy's, McDonald's, Arby's, Taco Bell, Pizzahut, Applebees, Olive Garden, Barro's (it's a pizza joint that's from Chicago and it's like actually soul food)

Eh: Wendy's

Never Again: Subway, Burger King, Dominos

Whomst (aka never had these bc my area doesn't have them): Popeyes

BEST: Oporto, KFC, Dominos
The triple fillet bondi Burger from Oporto with extra chilli is the best chicken burger. Too bad only few locations have drive throughs.

MID TIER: Hungry jacks.

WORST: McDonalds, Subway, red rooster, pizza hut.

Maccas can be good if you get a classic angus or any burger that doesnt use the usual crappy steampressed hamburger patty.


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Not sure if Chinese food counts but I love Chinese food. I've never been to any Chinese food restaurant I didn't like.

Worst I'd say is Subway & Taco Bell.
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Best: Steak n Shake, Krispy Kreme, Jimmy Johns, Chipotle, Hardees/Carls Jr, Five Guys, Jersey Mikes, Coldstone creamery.

Average: Burger King, Wendy's, DQ, Domino's, Popeyes, Baskin Robbins, Taco Bell,.

Worst: KFC, Subway, McDonalds, Del Taco.


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Best: Panda Express and Five Guys
You can get huge pile of chicken and rice at Panda for 8 bucks, while five guys allows you to build your own perfect burger while not charging you for toppings. Including cheese incidentally. (Protip! Extra cheese is free at five guys)

Worst: Burger King and KFC. At Burger King they claim to "flame broil". What they dont say is that that they then stick their patties in the same steam trays as McDonalds. And unlike McDonalds, the patties are not cooked with this in mind or at the sale volume necessary to keep them fresh. Which means you will pay 8 bucks for a cold and soggy burger. The same price as a double order of orange chicken and rice at Panda Express it should be noted.

As for KFC, their chicken is bland compared to the competition and the one time in my life i got food poisoning it was from KFC. If you want the REAL KFC go find a Lee's famous chicken joint. They were opened up by the colonels nephew and unlike modern KFC are more true to the original stores.
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Eat, yes mate. Eat is really good.

Burger king is death.
Never said it was decent, but it has always been a step up from McDonalds in my opinion. Also t'up North until around 2003ish they served Carlsberg and you used to be able to grab as many sauces, salt and peppers and ashtrays from the self serve table as you wanted. Yeah, ashtrays!!! Have a burger, have a beer and have a fag...


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best: subway, qdoba, taco bell, long john silver's, chick fil a, jimmy john's, panera bread, zoup, starbucks, boston market, cinnabon, tropical smoothie cafe

average: panda express, mcdonald's, kfc, chipotle, burger king, wendy's, arby's, tim hortons, sonic, dairy queen, dunkin donuts, baskin robbins

mediocre: tubby's, white castle, red robin, del taco, auntie anne's, a&w

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Chick Fil A
How can you say that about Popeye's, Bojangle's and Chick Fil A?

Popeye's has amazing chicken and biscuits, Bojangle's has even better biscuits and the chicken is pretty good and Chick Fil A has amazing nuggets and the spicy chicken sandwich is outstanding.

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My favorite must be In & Out, it used to be Jack in the Box but recently they made the burgers WAY more tiny and kept the price, so no thanks.
Least favorite must be McDonalds, loved it as a child but now if see a food item of theirs, it either disgusts me, or i simply don't find it appetizing at all.

My favorites are Dairy Queen, McDonald's, and Five Guys. I don't eat fast food as much as I used to, but when I do those are my restaurants of choice.

The only fast food place I genuinely despise is Burger King. I used to like them, but they've lost their touch.
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Agree with @Jewelsmakerguy that Harvey's is the best fast-food establishment

2nd Wendy's for the spicy chicken

BK and Taco Bell is like instant shotgun splatter shits


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Best: Culver’s, Salem Fresh Eats, In N Out, Popeyes, Wawa. Five Guys.

Meh: I still like McDonalds breakfast sandwiches, but everything else is shit.

Worst: All the rest.


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God tier: smash burger Culver’s Chester‘s chicken zombie burger
Average:M.C Donalds Hardee’s wing stop taco johns
Garbage:Taco Bell subway hy-vee grill Burger King long John silver


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High Tier:
Shake Shake
Five Guys
Panda Express
Pizza Hut

Mid-high Tier:
Wing Stop (depends on when you go and how packed they are, the quicker you get your wings the better they are. Their Cajun seasoning also the bomb)
Smash Burger (Only location I've been to is a small one with a smaller menu so this is a bit biased)

Mid Tier:
Jack in the Box

Mid-shit Tier:
Buffalo Wild Wings (I, more often than not, end up getting soggy wings from 'em whenever I go while I almost always get nice crispy wings at WingStop. Their selection of dry rubs are also sad compared to WingStop's).
Taco Bell (I can actually tolerate their food for some weird reason)

Shit Tier:
Burger King
Buffalo's Express (I've only gotten lukewarm soggy wings from them and they have a bad selection of flavors).


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why does taco bell give so many people stomach problems? i have never had any trouble eating there
It's a mostly a meme but from what I've heard it's based on how greasy a food item is, how spicy (in terms of Tex-Mex) it is, and if it's undercooked or not. This, of course, also varies if you're USED to eating that kind of food or if you're under the effects of weed and/or alcohol.