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why does taco bell give so many people stomach problems? i have never had any trouble eating there
I've never had volcano ass from Taco Bell, I just think their food sucks. They're not as bad tasting or have as shitty service as Burger King (worst of the worst) but there's so many better options for Tex-Mex fast food.
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Eat, yes mate. Eat is really good.

Burger king is death.
Eat is VERY GOOD, but have you ever had the not McDonalds egg McMuffin from Leon? It's fantastic, and nothing else compares to it, especially on a weekend or a Monday morning commute with a cup of tea.

Still not getting all the BK hate by everyone... It's sure better than McD's or KFC in my opinion, and their breakfast baps are at least edible here in the UK.


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Top Tier: Popeye's, Chik-Fil-A, McDonald's, El Pollo Loco, Foster's Freeze (yeah, most of the food isn't that great but the fried burritos are bomb and they have the best soft-serve, fight me.)

Mid Tier: KFC, which was previously in my top tier list before I tried Popeye's and it was dethroned. Taco Bell depending on which one you go to. The local tweaker Taco Bell tends to hover a bit lower. Carl's Jr I'mma put in the middle becasue when my uncle managed the local one it was good. Once he got a better job the place started to suck though.

Absolute Garbage Ass Tier: Burger King and Jack In The Box.


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Sonic's food is not edible. Only go there for drinks like red bull slushie.


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Best: Steak and Shake, McD, Krispy Kreme
why: never dissapoints, its reliable for me as it never has a varying quality to it.
Worst: Anything in 'F'
why: questionable quality, havent stepped food into BK since i saw rats, if this places went out of business I would not shed a tear.

Everything else is fine, aside from i guess DK and Sonic both are pretty deplorable all around. Mainly because Dunkin has dusty/weird donuts- very mediocre coffee, Sonic barely has a reason to exist aside from the drive in gimmick.


For fast food and fast casual where I commonly to uncommonly eat at, or would never again:

Chipotle (another reason we don't need Mexicans or taco trucks if we do it better)
Five Guys (epic and will likely kill you)
Little Caesars (cheap, fast, and palatable)
Publix Subs (always preorder, but worth waiting in line even behind retards)
Starbucks (I liked this place before it went SJW and never had troon servers)

McDonald's (ubiquitous and I'm not too picky here)
Chick-fil-A (pissed off liberals and menu is quality over quantity, but restaurants are noisy with screaming kids and the drive-thru is too busy)
Jimmy John's (second-best sammiches, but not much for sides)
Papa John's (also pissed off liberals, but pizza tastes no different than Little Caesars)
Popeyes (too bad the closest location near me is in a shithole neighborhood)

Burger King (never really had a problem with Burger King, except when they're slow as molasses, water down the ketchup, and give us all tits with Impossible Whoppers)
Firehouse Subs (third-best sammiches and more fulfilling than Jimmy John's, but the menu constantly changing is hit or miss)
Jersey Mike's Subs (DA GABAGOOL, but otherwise kind of dry)
Domino's Pizza (I liked it better before they modernized and their pizza was the best while drunk or hungover)
KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell (same company, same hit or miss over getting the job done or regretting it, but I like Pizza Hut better than Domino's)
Sbarro (I sort of have spot spot for nostalgia over a dying era of the mall food court)

Ben & Jerry's (the store version already sucks, and is overpriced for what it's worth when Häagen-Dazs is miles better)
Boston Market (the store frozen meatloaf is actually good, but the restaurant is awful with the only good thing on the menu being ribs)
BurgerFi (tiny overprced burgers sodomized by hipsters)
Tijuana Flats (as its name implies, if you like eating cardboard, this is the place for you)
Wendy's (was once better than Burger King, but is now absolute shite and can't even keep beef stocked)

7-Eleven (what can I say about this place)
Dunkin' Donuts (coffee tastes like pee and never have the decent donuts)
Moe's (overpriced and bland Taco Bell dare compared with Chipotle)
Pollo Tropical (dry meat, slimy beans, and where beaners go to eat)
Subway (smells like feet and knew their spokesperson was a pedo)
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Good: Max, Swedish burger chain. Swedish yugo-pizza, also good.

Alright: Burger King, Subway

Trash: McDonalds

GOD TIER: Filips Pitaburgare
swe pitaburgare.jpg

It's pizza dough baked as a pita bread, cut open just like if a kebab were to be made, then filled with pizza cheese. While the cheese is melting the burger goes on top, then the dressing, then the vegetables, then the shrimp salad, then ketchup and mustard. Everyone is skeptical the first time, it shouldn't work.

It looks like something that happened by accident or like it was slapped together by a drunkard but despite the slopppppy looks it is very balanced in flavors and absolutely amazing.
swe pitaburgare3.jpg
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Doner kebab stores ran by some Turks. Many of those are real good. If only more of them used plastic bags under the kebab so that the dripping sauce won't fuck up your clothes or car seats.
As for pizza, I'd usually go to some local pizzeria. Not the best pizza, but not the worst. There is one pizzeria in a smaller town where they use a stone stove to cook it. The pizzas are small, but real good.
Also there is this one burger store in a town near me. They take their time while making it, but man is it good shit.

And as for foreign fast food joints, McDonald's is alright, but for burgers I prefer Burger King. KFC is also decent if you're looking for some 'roid chicken.


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Couldn't make it better at home:
Popeye's - Their fried chicken is just stellar, it's what fried chicken is supposed to be. Thank god there isn't one adjacent to my home or I'd way an extra 20 lbs
Restaurant Quality Fast Food:
Five Guys
Ideal Fast Food (Cheap & Edible):
Taco Bell
Carl's Jr
Panda Express
Burger King
Pizza Hut
Del Taco
White Castle
Little Ceasar's
KFC - What the fuck happened to this brand? Their chicken comes out greasy and disgusting.


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BurgerFi (tiny overprced burgers sodomized by hipsters)
I would address your list more since you had some other good ones
but fuck I forgot about Burgerfi, it is always a fucking miss for me anytime I go and it just seems to have gotten worse after 2016 because the burgers are just mediocre at best and the fries are fucking disgusting, especially the chili ones- which is a shame because they were better before but it just seems like they fry the fries until they're grease drenched and brown. The price of the burgers just don't justify and none of them really stand out anyways. It's a shame. I did not shed a single tear when the one near the beach I go to sometimes closed down.


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Gonna have to defend Pizza Hut for a second because i have actually seen what goes on behind the curtains at that particular chain. Yeah, all the ingredients are sent to the stores. But there is not a fast food pizza joint in the world that makes its own sausage either. Pizza Hut from what I have seen has mcdonalds tier sanitation and standardization control. They also go to a huge amount of trouble of organizing and prepping various things. If you prefer other fast food pizza to pizza hut it's down to the recipe more then the effort put into it.

As an aside, Pizza Hut routinely has their delivery drivers prepping and in very busy times cooking the food. Especially anything coming off the deep fryer. Keep that in mind when you tip your delivery monkey.
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I've been buying the same goddamn thing from Taco Bell for the last two years about twice a week. Three five layer beefy burritos. It's worth the diarrhea, trust me.
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I've been buying the same goddamn thing from Taco Bell for the last two years about twice a week. Three five layer beefy burritos. It's worth the diarrhea, trust me.
Add some guacamole as a sixth layer and thank me later. It's worth the extra dollar.


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for general fast food discussion tried Del Taco finally
very nice
the cheap shit ranged from very good to competent
cheap fish taco had a picture of a lime with it on the picture and it turned out you actually got a little wedge of lime with it
pile of sludge burrito was a normal pile of sludge, fancy burritos were on par with a chipotle-ish level production
french fries were pretty good
crunchy taco was nice too
churros were good I guess, I'm not really into churros
a shade pricey but out of my way enough it would be an uncommon thing to get anyway, definitely going again


it just goes on and on and on and on...
I’ve only been to “Steak and Shake“ once. That was enough. The “shake” had cubes of ice added to it and ground in, and the burger was indistinguishable from McDonalds. Disgusting.

Best: Chik-fil-a, though you have to specify well done on the fries, Bibibop, Jersey Mikes, Raising Caine’s, Jet’s Pizza

Okay: Wendy’s, Taco Hell

Bad: McDonalds (except breakfast which is bumped into Okay), Burger King, Steak n’ Shake


Is Steak 'n Shake even fast food? I didn't think it was even fast casual. The last time I went there over a decade ago, you sat down, a waiter took your order, and you experience grave disappointment. For a burger made of steak, it had very little meat, and the milkshakes lost their allure.