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Arctic Fox

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I've always been of the opinion that you have your best days, and eventually you'll lose it. Think of the Simpsons as an example. The show has been burned out for years, but they keep going.
Everyone and everything gets hit by fatigue eventually. Some bounce back, some don't, and some are just powerhouses like Spielberg. Some people can tell when they're starting to slip and choose to retire. All depends on the individual really.

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I dunno, I think the person in question would probably prefer just burning out because then they wouldn't be fucking dead.

Unless of course they are someone like Cobain, depressed enough that they seek out death on purpose.

If you're asking if I'd prefer it if my favorite artists just fucked off the planet instead of destroying their own legacy, I'd still say no because I probably enjoyed what they created in the past enough to wish them the best, even if their art turns into soulless trash.


Vincent Dawn
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If you deeply care about what strangers think about you, burning out is better. If you have a life to lead and loved ones who need you, lingering on is preferable.
What if creatively you're done and you don't have anyone to care about and/or they're assholes? What if the creativity is what kept you alive in the first place?


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Assuming you've got a good reason to, I think it's wisest to burn hard for as long as it's sustainable, emphasis on sustainable. When you feel yourself losing that momentum, you don't keep pushing. You don't drive yourself into the ground - you have to have an exit plan in the works already, some sorta shifting of gears. It's possible to exit your burn gracefully so long as you can keep your ego in check and remember the big picture.

I think its ego that keeps people burning hard for too long. Ego and lack of experience. If your entire conception of success is tied up in driving yourself hard, you're gonna feel lost when you start losing that momentum. You can't keep a dark room lit by setting yourself on fire for very long. Find a new approach to life.

What if creatively you're done and you don't have anyone to care about and/or they're assholes? What if the creativity is what kept you alive in the first place?
Take a break for a while, work an easy job to stay busy if you must. Find something new to keep you moving. I've been there, dude.
The spark will come back, think of it as a refractory period. You'll bust other nuts.


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Do you agree that some people are just done and had nothing more to offer? Imagine if say M. Night Shyamalan died right after Unbreakable.
Imagine if David Bowie hadn't bothered to reinvent himself after the glam rock stuff lost popularity. No "Low". No several of the most influential albums in the history of modern music.

And people thought Bowie was done MANY times during his life.

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Imagine if David Bowie hadn't bothered to reinvent himself after the glam rock stuff lost popularity. No "Low". No several of the most influential albums in the history of modern music.

And people thought Bowie was done MANY times during his life.
Bowie is a pretty perfect example of someone who never stopped making music and reinventing himself creatively until his last breath. I'm glad he lived as long as he did.

Coral Apples

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Bowie is a pretty perfect example of someone who never stopped making music and reinventing himself creatively until his last breath. I'm glad he lived as long as he did.
A good example of someone who should've bowed out and either reinvented themselves as a more appropriate persona or just stopped, is Madonna. There is a reason she has a thread in the Beauty Parlor. She was on top of the world in her prime, then she kept chasing her youth and the sex appeal she had when she first came on the scene. If she died when her career was in it's height, she could've been looked at in the same light as a Marilyn Monroe type figure. The fame, the glitz, the glam, so young. If she did a Bowie and aged with her music, she'd be seen like those artists who evolved and moved on from their youth and be respected in the present.

I've thought about such a thing in my own life, personally I've quite content to just be as I am, not looking to burn out as a star. I don't care much to 'fade away', but that seems like it would be peaceful. There are a lot of reasons why people end up the way they do, different personalities and life experiences shaping what kind of future people see for themselves. But, like people have said, ego is a harsh bed mate. It'll drive you and blind you.

Marco Fucko

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Personally, if you don't have a driving purpose in life or some kind of responsibility, then I'm not going to blame you for either killing yourself or otherwise checking out. I often think about how pointless my life is in the grand scheme of things and do consider radical options, although I do have responsibilities so I "can't" (by my own sense of things) do that. In my opinion the answer to cosmic nihilism is willful ignorance and embracing of your emotional reaction to your own life. I.E. think about what you want out of life and pursue it.

So I guess the answer is it's up to the individual. If they want to be a big hit and then bounce out of the limelight or life before they get old and out of practice more power to them.


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As Neil Young put it in his lyrics (and Kurt Cobain in his suicide note), it's better to burn out than to fade away in my opinion. Reason for that simply is that there's no need to grow to an old age (unless you're Bowie or Socrates) if you don't plan on living long anyway, I respect the people who live short lives but accomplish a lot, rather than grow old and don't leave anything behind aside from maybe a few kids or a small business that will be forgotten or sold by their grandchildren anyway. If you won't mind me sperging out about philosophy, this passage of Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations" always hit home and is generally what goes through my head when I have suicidal or devastating thoughts, it puts me at ease:

Death is a release from the impressions of the senses, and from desires that make us their puppets, and from the vagaries of the mind, and from the hard service of the flesh.

Don’t let yourself forget how many doctors have died, furrowing their brows over how many deathbeds. How many astrologers, after pompous forecasts about others’ ends. How many philosophers, after endless disquisitions on death and immortality. How many warriors, after inflicting thousands of casualties themselves. How many tyrants, after abusing the power of life and death atrociously, as if they were themselves immortal.
How many whole cities have met their end: Helike, Pompeii, Herculaneum, and countless others.

And all the ones you know yourself, one after another. One who laid out another for burial, and was buried himself, and then the man who buried him - all in the same short space of time.

In short, know this: Human lives are brief and trivial. Yesterday a blob of semen; tomorrow embalming fluid, ash.

To pass through this brief life as nature demands. To give it up without complaint.

Like an olive that ripens and falls.

Hippocrates cured many illnesses—and then fell ill and
died. The Chaldaeans predicted the deaths of many others; in
due course their own hour arrived. Alexander, Pompey,
Caesar—who utterly destroyed so many cities, cut down so
many thousand foot and horse in battle—they too departed this life. Heraclitus often told us the world would end in fire.
But it was moisture that carried him off; he died smeared
with cowshit. Democritus was killed by ordinary vermin,
Socrates by the human kind.
You boarded, you set sail, you’ve made the passage. Time
to disembark. If it’s for another life, well, there’s nowhere
without gods on that side either. If to nothingness, then you no
longer have to put up with pain and pleasure, or go on
dancing attendance on this battered crate, your body—so
much inferior to that which serves it.
One is mind and spirit, the other earth and garbage.
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Burning out is the recourse of many great men and is also the greatest tragedy of a wasted potential. To fade away is largely the mark of mediocrity which doesnt acknowledge itself to be who it has become. To properly shepherd a new generation and to guide a legacy beyond yourself is if nothing else a positive spin on fading away, so that you can bleed yourself into the future.

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I'd take option 3: collapse into a singularity, overcoming the fucking strong nuclear force.
Isn't it more like not being 'supported by any kind of degeneracy'?

At densities greater than those supported by any degeneracy, gravity overwhelms all other forces. The stellar body collapses to form a black hole, though this is not well modeled by quantum mechanics. At the same time, the material must be converted from fermions, subject to degeneracy pressure, to bosons, which are not. Current hypothesis suggest gluons as the most likely boson thought possible.
Not being supported by any kind of degeneracy means you're fucking based.
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A long time ago now (christ I'm getting old) I was happily dragged to a business trip with my Dad. It was cool hanging out with him and seeing him talk to associates as well as go around what felt like a giant hotel. Anyway Rodney Dangerfield was doing a show at a theater nearby and my Dad excitedly got tickets for it.

Rodney comes on stage, does his 50 minute set of corny self deprecating jokes he had done for decades and the old guy left to assumably do whatever old farts do. Was it funny? Well you can pull up Rodney Dangerfield jokes online and they're alright nothing jawdroppingly amazing. This happened a year or two before he died and he was clearly slowing down. I think I was politely chuckling with the audience, more outta respect than anything. Dad though loved every punchline, saw near tears forming in his eyes as Rodney told the jokes about his Doctor calling his disgusting, that his wife won't bang him, etc.

I've never seen my Dad have that much comedic joy from something. Had it not been for Rodney doing his tired old set to his death I'm not sure I'd be aware that my dad could laugh so hard. He's usually a happy but really reserved guy.

So yeah that's my story of why I like old entetainers still doing what people love. I'm not sure if this thread is about that or suicide but whatever. If you're still capable of making yourself and others around you happy well I say keep at it.

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