Beyond Good and Evil - coming soon to Netflix


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Ubisoft’s portfolio of TV and movie spin-offs continues to expand. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the developer will be working with Netflix on a Beyond Good & Evil movie that combines live-action and animation.

The new project will be helmed by Detective Pikachu director Rob Letterman and produced by Ubisoft’s Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin. The team is currently looking for writers to adapt the source material.

I'm still waiting for a ps4 release

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God no. BG&E was the perfect game for its time. It was completely sincere and beautiful. It should not be brought back as a disgusting SJW-influenced mess. I'm utterly convinced that the same narrative could be made anywhere in the 2020 gaming industry.

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So this is apparently based on some video game? I feel for all you people who loved this game, but I can't help my own feelings of personal relief Netflix aren't doing a biopic on Nietzsche.
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You know they saw the possible-dyke protagonist and just jumped at the opportunity.

It's not as if Ubisoft is doing anything with the IP, anyway *sigh*

Beyond Good & Evil is one of my favorite games, don't ruin it ffs Netflix. After what they did to Castlevania (and Money Heist/La Casa De Papel, but that's not a videogame), I don't trust anything that involves them.
Is this the new narrative since season three aired? Castlevania is great show, faggery aside.

Of course, Ellis is out now, so it's finished no matter what...

Wat? How will that even work? Sam Fisher is like the antithesis of what the woke retards love.
Sam Fisher is trans, bigot.