Biden Derangement Syndrome - Blue man bad, KF, /pol/, Twitter and Reddit sperged over the 46th president

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Where to begin?

Biden derangement syndrome(BDS) can be recognized by wild claims, lack of proof, reigning neutrality and overtly hypocritical arguments. Typical symptoms are goigv on about conspiracies about the Biden family, keep claiming "It's not really over", being owned by China and love making baseless incest/pedo accusations. BDS although overlapping to some extent with TES has it's own unique attributes.
A good summary would be this video

Up until recently Biden and his family were relatively well liked with little criticism online(not that he was stainless), not to mention being the most popular candidate in US history. However just because he's well liked, doesn't mean that you won't have haters. This began during the first and second debate in September 2019 when Biden performed awfully, laying the seeds for many of the Trump campaign lines like "Sleepy Joe" and implying he has dementia. People from there on saw Bernie as the dark horse candidate who was more genuine, and having him lose again caused many parts of the left to freakout. This only further built to the rage as seeing parts of the left meltdown certified in many online Trump voter's minds that Joe Biden had no chance and was illegitimate.

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After this things were heating up during the election as Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Guillani repeatedly called Biden a "communist", which would be incorrect he's an establishment neoliberal by all definitions. After this the Hunter Biden story and tapes were pushed at the same time as an October surprise, which made it far easier to attack the Biden family and demonize them to ridiculous extents when the president is out there vindicating his personal lawyer's ridiculous conspiracies. It feels like it became an arms race based on throwing insults around more then meaningful policy. Out of every 50 criticisms, there was only two or three that were on the mark.

Gonna be straight real with you guys, Biden winning actually makes me want to throw up. There’s so much suspicious stuff going on here and the fact they might get away with it is sickening.

Also I was looking forward to the major outrage from the left.

Only upside to this is that all the lockdowns for WuFlu are about to be lifted completely because it served their purpose.

EDIT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, blow me 💖
I cannot see Biden winning and I don't think the Dems have faith either. Plus it seems like every day I'm seeing some report of lost ballots, stolen mail, ballots found abandoned or dumped somewhere, I guess we are all just supposed to ignore that.
What troubles me is they've all set the stage for questioning the validity of it all no matter what. That's where you see the most riots and destruction across the world: when they believe the election is illegitimate. So they've already implanted that and Nancy Pelosi running her ghoul mouth isnt helping. There's stories coming out of many major cities where they are preemptively boarding everything up, I don't recall it ever being this bad.
Make no mistake: there is currently a civil war going on. This is what it looks and feels like, but it's more like the Weimar Republic than Syria. The parallels to the Weimar Republic and ultimately the rise of the Third Reich are staggeringly similar, right down to the attempted Bolshevik revolution attempts and the Republic defined by Conservatives and Social Democrats.
The speaker of the house has spent 4 years trying to arrest the president, there are armed riots in the streets, people are dying. One half of the country seems like they want to very seriously rewrite the constitution or full-on annihilate American identity.
What leads to a civil war in full is a dissolving of the middle class, which is pretty much the only "center" politically. Revolutionary politics is extremely common throughout the world, it's more of the norm than whatever mishmash this is, and normally you could say it would die down but we are dealing with a global financial crisis the likes of which we haven't seen in generations. That's a massive factor. That means there can be no real appeals to normalcy, even the UN is saying normal isn't coming back. That's a perfect backdrop for things to really kick off.
love seeing all the Anti-Trump seethers voting everyone "dumb" and "mad at the internet"
Yeah dude. I mentioned that. People questioning irregularities. That's not the same as literally shaking rn and facists America posting. BDS isn't a thing but what you want it to be after 4 years of hardcore TDS.
Can't believe we're deciding between a Billionaire and a Communist Puppet to lead the United States.

I really don't want to wake up in a Communist America on Wednesday. Sick to my stomach.

This should have been a no brainer. Can't believe the Communists pushed this to the end zone.
I refuse to believe that there were more people willing to vote for Biden who obviously has dementia or something like that and his extremely unlikable Vice President. Biden has the lowest effort campaign and all of his jaw dropping gaffs could not possibly have gone unnoticed. And there's so much other shit that I could point out that makes Biden/Harris so unqualified for the White House.

Sure, there's a lot of braindead people who vote on autopilot but I'm not buying that this was a fair election. Of course the democrats rigged this election and they'll get away with it. How incredibly convenient that so many people's votes were dropped off in boxes, ending up in the hands of trustworthy people? Probably not entirely. And why the fuck has there been so much leniency with a drop off deadline?? I dropped off my ballot the day after I got it. If you're too lazy to turn it in in 2-3 weeks then oh well, your vote doesn't count.

People are stupid but they can't possibly be this stupid, right? right?!?! Sniffing little girls, hiding in his basement, always calling lids. He called his granddaughter his "son, beau Biden" just the other day and called Trump 'George" It ain't right but it's not over until it's over, pffft.
Welp, enjoy your subtle tyranny america

Enjoy the masks
Enjoy the apes
Enjoy the riots
Enjoy the aliens.

If you allowed Biden to fraud his way into victory, America deserves what it gets...
Welp, this thread serves as a reminder that they dont care HOW they achieve victory.

Simply that they do.
I want to ask people something. Tho this is mostly for the people who are "raving" over Biden's "victory".

Arent you bothered in the slightest that your candidate could only achieve victory on the basis of lies, fraud and cheating? And I dont throw these accusations lightly like everyone did at Trump back at '16. Biden's character has been exposed multiple times and even with audio evidence of it so. Oh sure, its just his boy, his father shouldnt get judged on that. Tho Im sure Biden had no influence or connection to Hunter's borderline criminal behavior at all huh? So people prefer Biden turns out to be just a highly neglectful and shitty parent than a cheater? As if thats consolation?

Should a racer, as in an actual olympic race, be granted victory if its proven he had drugs in his system "aiding" his performance? His audience obviously dont care HOW he won, as long as he "wins".

And I will be very fair, Trump is not a perfect man, not a perfect leader either, he isnt the ideal president. In a better world, I would be voting for a better republican candidate than him. However, even at his worst, he isnt close at Biden's best. There were investigations all over his election and his character and what did they find?

Absolutely nothing that could actually imply he is a criminal. Outside of his taxes but hey, who never had a problem with those? If thats how bad it gets, then its stuff Im willing to keep in mind but not let taint the whole figure.

Biden had investigations on him and A LOT has been uncovered and it speaks a lot of the left when they dont care, as long as they "win". It reminds me of what Black Pilled said about people not caring about the hows and whys, as long their side wins. They care more about victory than anything else.

So are leftists saying they are rather glad to be living on a government achieved through lies? And they also live in the fairy tale world where that somehow wont backfire on them sooner or later? They look at his "miracle" horizontal jump and say "thats fine by me. He may have cheated but he still won". What does that speaks about his character and, most importantly, yours?

And throwing the "you are just mad" at me is simply dodging the question because you know I may have a point deep down. Rate me whatever you want, unlike leftists, Im glad people are allowed to call me retard because they have the freedom to do so. I much rather have a world where people can be as awful as they want to each other (under the right limits of the law of course) than them not being allowed to do so.

What if Trump is right? What if this election truly was raped with frauds and lies? Think about it, worst case scenario to you, democracy was "preserved", best case, Trump is wrong and you still won and now proven it was fair. You have literally nothing to lose in this case. We didnt mind the investigations at Trump at '16, we knew we all had nothing to hide.

How about Biden tho...? Does he has something to hide?
The problem is that it sets a precedent that you truly dont have to earn the love of the people, you can be as horrible as you want but as long as you cheat enough, you will win. That shows democracy truly is pointless.

And the funny thing is that this wont really change much in the long term, I will be more surprised if Biden remains in office for the entire term and not "conveniently" handle the office to his Vice president, a declared commie.
If Biden wins, he won't last long enough for the BDS to even get properly rolling.

The energy of the left's unhinged hatred of Trump is the only thing keeping Team Joe going. Shit, at this point, it's the only thing keeping Joe on two feet

Once Trump is gone, and the rage wears off, the left is going to have no choice but to simmer down and face the reality of what they've actually done, and it's going to be impossible for them to keep up the charade that Joe Biden is a viable human with a functioning brain.

My guess would be that the left will turn on Joe equally as savage as the rabid haters on the right, towards the end of shunting him aside to make way for Cacklin' Kammy.
So if when :( Pedo Joe gets in, how much longer before Whites see the Privilege Tax on their Income Tax Statements?
President Harris is now the first minority woman to ever be president with her whiteface disguise of Biden. Congrats Madame President.
Biden ain't gonna be president, lol. He's gonna be replaced by Kamala Harris as soon as he goes on a dementia-fueled tangent.
Because put simply the demarats are so bad at everything that they once again underestimated exactly how many votes they would have to fake to squeak out the victory. This is why they are very obviously, and very sloppily dumping large batches of one sided ballots and ballots for biden that dont vote on anything else, they were so sure of themselves that they failed to anticipate how big the trump hump actually was and now they are desperately trying to catch up. At this point they are like a cornered animal. If they can fraud their way to victory they can magic wand all of this under a rug and put america back to sleep, but if they lose heads are going to roll. So they have no choice but to lie, cheat, and steal as much and as fast as they can caution cast to the wind. Call it a cope if you want, but any rational person looking at this, how its only in democrat controlled environments, how they are literally suing for less transparency in government while orange hitler sues for more transparency, how they are blatantly breaking every rull and law that gets in their way with reckless abandon, all of it adds up to massive amounts of fraud. And other than the pre election Veritas drop in texas that was linked to a gop congressman, I have yet to see a single case of fraud that favors a gop candidate.

The polls told them that they were going to blue wave and sweep this election according to their calculations. Their plan was to inject just enough votes to A. Win and B. Be outside the margin of error for recounts. They just massively fucked that all up and are now desperately trying to fix that fuck up. And to all the ridin with biden and other lefties that are smugging it up on this I would remind you that the demarats corruption always bites them in the ass in the end. You may very well steal this election and defeat orangemanbad by way of corruption, but that victory will bring doom to your entire party, if it hasnt already done so. The cost of this victory will completely salt the earth for them moving forward. The midterms will be a blood bath, until then they will be gridlocked, and just like removing the 2/3 vote on supreme court nominations, eventually their dirty tricks will be used against them by a much more effective party. Republicans for all of their faults are a much more risk adverse party than liberals, this is a trend that has held firm for eons in political timelines.

If Trump loses to this bullshit, he will spend the rest of his life destroying every single political adversary, he will start his own media company, he will build his own internet, social media, the works. He will devote his every waking moment to rubbing the political establishments nose in this for ever. Why? Because he is Trump, he angry tweets while taking a shit in the white house. Once out of the bottle, there is not putting him back in. If they achieve their dream, they will ironically wake up in a nightmare worse then they could possibly imagine, and it will take at most 2=4 years for that to happen.
The choice is between Trump and a corporatist commie cuddler who will encourage more rioting and fuck the oil industry. Even Hillary Clinton was a better candidate, and she was a bitch. I have kids and a spouse to worry about, and the progtards haven't given me a single reason to vote for them.

Instead, I have been crapped on for four years for arguing that maybe the Democrats should stop attacking the working class for voting Trump and work on regaining their trust, and to stop lying about stupid stuff and let Trump crash and burn on his own. Meanwhile, the Democrats have gone full authoritarian mode, and somehow become worse than the Republicans. The fact the right is now arguing for free speech and the left for censorship is just bizarre for anyone with a working brain.
If Biden wins and implements his retarded lock down and attempts to get rid of oil, then the country is going to be facing a legit economic depression. This is what worries me, not some gay gestapo.
Because the Democrats picked a corporate neo-liberal who isn't just owned by our companies, but China's, too. Why can't TDS sufferers understand that you don't have to like Trump, you just have to hate him less than the other guy.

Besides, what have you guys even done for me the past four years? Nothing, you just threw a fit over losing to an unlikable asshole.
Not BDS, I’ll accept him as president but we all know he is going to be a lame duck at best. Plus he is at 264 in the elecoal vote while Trump is still at 214.
I am so bombed right now... no libtard level bombed but, bombed just the same. Biden is president now and it feels surreal, yet at the same time it matches the year 2020 was to a T. Get ready for more draconian COVID measures, a never ending flood of immigrants that will make Europe’s look like a trickle and pandering to certain groups of people at a level like you’ve never seen before.
On the plus side, weed is now legal in my state so I guess I’ll manage.
Maybe so, but at least my country has voter I.D.

You whiny faggots are negating several things - rampant voter fraud.
Right now, as we speak, the GOP's counters were kicked out of Detroit's mail in ballot counting center.
Biden is proposing Georgia go back door to door and collect more votes for him. Arizona is in play.
This is going to go to SCOTUS. This isn't a normal election and this is going to be tossed to the courts.

WI and MI are going to have to be recounted. NC won't be in until Nov 12.
The legal process will take up to 2 months.

Stop rolling over to die so easily if it's something you truly believe in. Be patient.
It's not over you raging dipshit. You don't let democracy, truth and honor die like that. It will go to the SCOTUS.

That was also from 5 hours ago. God, you American cucks are pathetic. Man up and fight for shit.
These traditionally republican voters were so against Trump they voted for the gun grabber in chief. The butcher of the oil industry. The herald of tax hikes. The bringer of illegal immigrants. The man that stands for everything their (theoretical) voting history and political standing is against?
I don't understand people's logic. I just don't.
Not going to PL, but by second hand info people in Hawaii apparently HATE Biden, Harris and Democrats in general, as by the person I know this through her friend and that friends lesbian partner and their circle of friends out there are voting Trump, that no one they know on the Big Island are supporting Biden, but no one will openly admit to being a Trump voter out of fear. I also didn't know how bad the Hawaii WuhanFlu lockdown has been and that is probably the root cause of the hate the Dems out there are getting, as her friends partner was arrested by a cop and fined $1000 for daring to leave their condo and getting too close to the beach that their buildings front door opens onto.
Wouldn't be much (only 4 EC votes), but would be amazing (and unlikely) if Hawaii were to flip Red.
The absolute hubris of the DNC. They think they can throw whatever they want out there now and people will eat it right up because ORANGEMANBAD

Yeah, I'm sure people are just running to the polls to put a senile segregationist career politician who sold out his country to the CCP and can't even remember the name of his opponent in charge of the country's God damn nuclear arsenal. You got me convinced!
Theyre not voting for Biden. If Sleepy Creepy wins, Jan 20th he gets sworn in and Jan 21st he resigns and turns power over to the trojan horse. Joe's just a really bad cover for a Harris presidency.
Yo this fucker is trying to lose.

There are literally tens of millions of new gun owners in the US this year. Not all of them turned into 2A issue voters, but a fuckload certainly did, so why would you risk saying this two days before the election.

The oil ban comments, now this; the untold story of this election may be the fact that Joe Biden has a massive base problem and is desperately flailing to give the Bernie voters in his party an excuse to show up.


There's a lot of disconnect between Biden voters and social media, they don't have the same cultural pull by any measure that Trump voters did, I for around a year was the only Biden supporter on the website and I really didn't see Biden supporters online often. This further lead to Trump supporters having more faith in him. These people are stuck on the Hillary meme of 2016 well not understanding the difference between nepotism and corruption. There's certainly points to criticize Joe Biden, but people don't know where to stop or to begin.

/pol/ (particularly check /ptg/)


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Sleepy Creepy winning doesnt invalidate any of the criticisms against him. And bringing up his obvious early stage dementia, his lack of policy besides "at least Im not orange man", and his son's ABSOLUTELY ALPHA CHAD lifestyle, is not derangement. No one is accusing him of rounding up dissidents and murdering millions of people thereby bringing about the literal end of the world the same way those with TDS did with GEOTUS Trump.

Basil II

Yeah dude. I mentioned that. People questioning irregularities. That's not the same as literally shaking rn and facists America posting. BDS isn't a thing but what you want it to be after 4 years of hardcore TDS"
Not BDS, I’ll accept him as president but we all know he is going to be a lame duck at best. Plus he is at 264 in the elecoal vote while Trump is still at 214.
Theyre not voting for Biden. If Sleepy Creepy wins, Jan 20th he gets sworn in and Jan 21st he resigns and turns power over to the trojan horse. Joe's just a really bad cover for a Harris presidency.
Wow look at these idiots sperging out, get a load of these lolcows lmfao.