Big AL's big mad Snapchat rant (05/18/20) -

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I do sleep well at night amber because I have a decent life and don't need to sleep on a floor mattress on pillow mountain just so I can stay alive at night because I'm over 500 pounds. Just know most people live a far better life than you ever will and it's LIDURALLY all your fault boo boo
Agreed, I sleep well at night cause I'm not morbidly obese and at risk of my own fat crushing my organs or preventing me from breathing well enough lmao

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What cereal is that?
Why isn't Becky shaking her fist and speaking up for Amber? Trouble in paradise?
Omg, I love a big Beefy chimpout!! She acts like she’s so tough, and wants to fight people, and I live for itttttt.... I especially love when her cunty sister meth-head Misty puts her threats out there, too. You know what? I obviously have my issues with Amber and all her bullshit (I mean, I’m here, right?), but there’s just something about big, begging, Beefy Becky that ignites a fire in me and I get irrationally angry at this hick r.etard that I don’t even know!! Christ, I can’t wait til the Beefy season is over. Jfc, sorry for the rant. I’m over here all MOTI cuz my fave pastime is drinking and farming... TLDR... WE NEED A BECKY RANT!
This is another narc rage episode that the other videos from years ago have immortalized from the beginning. I remember when she was chimping out over having a few dislikes on the earliest one I could find - go against her in any way and she "simply cannot FATHOM why people would be so mean to her!!!"

She holds shit above countless heads with her tubby arms and wonders why few can stand her. It's because you're a deeply dislikable person on just about every single level, Amber, we've been over this.


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I suspect that her last drunken, pizza-fueled visit with D & D fueled this rant. I can just imagine AL grousing about haydurs and D & D cheering her on. "Go on, gurl! You tell 'em!"

And so she did.
Nah. Dana sitting in the corner laughing at her and egging her on, while Density sits beside her (Dana) smirking and making snarky comments calling Al a re.tard (but Al mistakes that for "flirting" ofc, cause everything seems to revolve around her interpretation of Density's opinion of her), while Bex stares into space wishing she was literally anywhere other than at the big kids table.