Big AL's big mad Snapchat rant (05/18/20) -

First of all it's nice to see present day Amberlynne! The youtube videos are still stuck 2 weeks in the past so we finally got to see present day Amberlynne and..... SHE LEFT THE HOUSE! I wonder if Walmart is open in her state. Present day Amber... Still looks fat. It happens.

Congratulations to Adele for losing 100 pounds because that made Amber learn a new word! Fatphobia/Fatphobic. When Adele lost 100 pounds it made everyone on social media fight with each other over her weight. When people congratulated Adele on her weight loss, fat people started to call everyone fatphobic because the people saw Adele's weight losing 100 pounds as success and it wasn't about her musical success when she was still fat. Amber learned the word fatphobic so she can be a victim and she can feel oppressed. When a Doctor in the future to tell Amber to lose weight she'll probably call that Doctor fatphobic.

The rest of Amber's rambling was a DSP prestream. She might as well said the best way to help me is by tipping me to pay my bills.


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I’d rather be an insecure, disrespectful, piece of shit, fatphobic, asshole then a 500 lb joke “not a bad person” who is getting sued by multiple hospitals for non payment. If being rude is bullying and Amber was a self admitted bully in high school, I guess it makes her a rude, hypocritical, bully. It’s almost like she’s justifying her bullying anyway she can. Respect is earned not given, if someone does something deserving of respect and then they may get it. I know, shocking.

In a shorter version lol she’s fat and it reflects who she is on the inside. Fatty fatty fuck fuck.

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Amberlynn's anger really showcases how re.tarded she is and the very tenuous grasp she has on the English language despite being a "writer" and a person who is closing in on age 30. She sounds like a 14-year-old girl trying to sound tough/smart while fighting some other white trash in a school parking lot. Listen closely to the cadence of her voice- she is very angry, but her stupid fatty boom boom brain and her limited vocabulary cannot keep up with her emotions and it makes her sound like an idiot.


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Imagine being new to Amber, full of optimism for her future and her channel, only to be told that you're a psychopath and a piece of shit, and that you've made mistakes in your life and you're a terrible person because Fat Amber is fat.

I wonder how many viewers with non-imaginary mental illnesses she triggered into a Bad Place with all that manipulative bullshit.

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You know what fascinates me? Amberlynn frequently goes to great lengths time after time to tell us that she "really is a great person" and that "if we could see her outside of YT, we'd be amazed at how kind, caring, nice, and generous she is"
I've heard several versions of this from her over the years. She's SO nice, but NOBODY can tell that from her vlogs.
Here's the thing though - she's had six or seven years of vlogging to portray herself as the nice sweet person she claims to be, yet she consistently fails to accomplish it. SHE is the one filming and (barely) editing her content and SHE is the one who makes herself look like the fat, lazy, ignorant bitch that she truly is. Nobody is filming her to make her look bad - she does this to herself. Along the way she learned that filming herself being a mental cunt made more money, so SHE chose to go down that path. I don't think Amberlynn is capable of seeing herself as anything other than a perpetual victim in every aspect of her life. In her mind she's terminally misunderstood, everyone is mean to her, everyone is judging her, and nobody ever sees the 'real' Amberlynn.


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you guiseeeee she was only saying this to people who tell her the truth...she will in fact die of a heart attack
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Hey, Ambs: you ARE going to die of a heart attack, and it is in fact because you are a piece of shit glutton. You are a piece of shit, and a glutton. You smashed so much food into your body that it stretched out and deformed itself into a hideous pile of garbage and it is crushing your plagued innards to death and it WILL KILL YOU. Very painfully. Very soon. Maybe you should have considered that, but you wanted to build your little freak show and look where it got you, bitch.

By the way, no laygs, so no watch.

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Of course it’s about her money. Being ghetto fabulous carrying around $1500 in binge cash is the one thing Amber had going for her. It’s the source of her power and the foundation of every relationship in her life. Money is how she keeps her thumb butler enslaved. It’s how she convinces Ricky and Mumbles to tolerate her hoarding, stanky ass. It’s the only reason why D&D care if she exists and come around. Money enables her every day gorging. Amber, like DSP, is too stupid to understand that making decent money with the lowest quality content is some kind of anomaly that was bound to end. It’s not the haydurs affecting your money booboo; it’s the gravy train finally stopping because of your shitty content and even shittier personality. Show dem layyyygggs gorl!

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Can we talk about reactions to this snapshot here as well, since its such a big moment? Or do they still need to go in haydur nation? Because ZM's reaction when she first said fat phobia was priceless. It was like he couldn't comprehend for a solid three seconds what he was hearing.


Bitch you got me all wrong - I am NOT fatphobic. Fat, thin, who fucking cares. I mean that. I’m not about to quote MLK, but really, I’m pleasantly surprised every day at how many people really DO judge others for the content of their character - fuck an exterior.

You can have an outwardly shitty house with gorgeous interior, yadda yadda yadda.

I AM repulsed by transphobic, ignorant, pathologically lying, manipulative, ignorant, racist, animal hoarding, arrogant, hypocritical, selfish, immature, abusive, deliberately unhygienic, painfully unfunny, and STUPID **RAPISTS** who choose to be stubborn without so much as a halfway decent defense or argument.

It’s been 4 years of this bitch. Some of us have spent the equivalent of a bachelors degree on this cunt. I’ve been AWOL for a very long time, and the only difference between now and then is that she’s getting worse at hiding how utterly dull she is.

Not an original thought, save for “I WANT x” in that giant hallow gourd, ever.

But by GOD, the rapid and frantic speed of which her beady little eyes roll around in her skull when she’s doing her primitive lizard calculating to determine what she can get out of fucking someone over, and how to do it, could generate all of Kentucky’s power for a year.

Go ahead and roll over to the side of the bed that stinks softer and itches less. Fumble around with that crusty, weeping garbanzo bean of yours to your old thumbnails and view counts and accept that you became NOBODY for literally NOTHING.
chill, you are playing into her narrative.

She sounds so fucking stupid "I do must have to say." She's trying so hard to talk like she's tough and she's just a joke. Nobody takes you seriously boo boo. You're just someone for us to point and laugh at and you supply us with new material on the daily.
Bitch sounds like Joe Biden!

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I think you mean 'family-sized buckets of Great Value brand 'frozen dessert''.
That’s her future once this YouTube thing fizzles out