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This is just a thread to post about Al’s most memorable outfits and accessories. Posting pictures is optional.

Most iconic to me:
  • Her many hair bows. Very popular during the Destiny era
  • Her chokers. Worn a lot during the Becky era. Al is getting too big so she can’t wear them anymore.
  • The Barbie tank top. Also from the Becky era. In one of her videos, she’s seen dancing and lip syncing to “Barbie Girl” in one of her manic episodes
  • Her bra. She hasn’t stopped wearing it. She’s had the bra since 2014. Legend has it that it is fused to her body.
  • Her black leggings. Big Al wears these for laying around, watching movies, cooking, going on dates, and swimming. She wears these so much, they’ve since got holes in them.
  • Her Wommart earrings. These cheap things are put on to complete her iconic looks. She once made an entire video dedicated to sorting these.
  • Her “pride” look. During her trip to Lexington with Becky, she wore a shirt and tank top combo which was seen for many videos. Ironically, despite all her effort to doll herself up for pride, she never actually went. Instead, she passed time ordering takeout at a cheap motel.
  • Her beanbag look. This is from a video where she talks about being fat shamed on camera. In this look, she’s wearing a crochet poncho, which adds to the beanbag aesthetic
  • Her poop buns. This is her go-to hairstyle for any occasion.

SJ 485

Every goddamn time she wears a piece of clothing backwards to accomodate her FRAME


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Every goddamn time she wears a piece of clothing backwards to accomodate her FRAME
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Well, she’s just being innovative here. Al is a fashion forward queen.

Also, as someone has mentioned before, she probably does this because her back boobs are larger than her front boobs.


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Once her current bra finally disintegrates, will she bother to get a new one, or just use that as an excuse to not go out?
At this point, she probably could go braless and nobody would care. Her gut and back boobs are so much larger than her actual boobs, that I doubt many would notice (as that would imply looking closer at her for long periods of time)


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The iconic hair bow look that caused all the men at the Independence Day celebration to helplessly fall in love with our gorl and hit on her right in front of Destiny.
Yeah, when men see someone as sexy as Al wearing a hair bow, they can’t control themselves. They probably stared at her and asked her on dates. We all know Al’s a lesbian though, so she probably had to politely reject them.

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One of my personal favorites is this "Binge-Monster Realness" look: cozy and comfortable with a stylish chestpiece that suits any occasion, made with a stretchy fabric that will accommodate those "fast food for every meal" kind of days.
So versatile you can dress it up with your best black yoga pants, or go for a more casual look with your black yoga pants that have a hole or three.
bingemonster realness.png

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Nothing wets AL for an eyefuck quite like cat ears. Able to express her quirky and dainty self, she's been pulling them out for special occasions for years. This lewk has outlasted every relationship and is the thin thread of continuity that reminds her of who she rully is in the face of life's ups and downs. It's not a mere trend, it is a lifestyle.

Rickie's birthday 2018
Cat AL2.png

Christmas 2016
Cat AL4.png
Cat AL3.png

Classifying as cat ears, though they looked stolen from a furry.

Vacation to Baltimore 2014
Cat AL.png
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