Lolcow BigFazeek / Greg D'Agostino / Fazio D'Agostino / Fazil Morningstar - Retarded scammer who tries to sue game studios over microtransactions, now disowned by his family with police involvement

Greg D'Agostino is claiming that he is going to live stream my murder tonight:
You can apparently watch me die live on youtube. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers:
At least he made his hair all purty for your killing. I'm especially interested to see him record a video and shoot a gun at the same time considering he can't even work a cell phone camera. Maybe he'll put the gun on "front facing view" and accidentally shoot himself

Captain Manning

She has 6 tons of hair.

Skimmed the videos.

I don't think anybody would blame you if you called the authorities on this one.

It's probably intimidation BS, but I have seen actively psychotic and dangerous people act like this too.

Good luck my friend. Stay safe.

EDIT: Also watching your livestream RN. Jesus fuck, he's nuts.

Captain Manning

She has 6 tons of hair.
I also recommend calling the cops on him.

At this point, jail time for him is pretty much showing him mercy at this point.
They could also do a mental health hold on him. NY has Kendra's Law.

Either way, he's said enough insane shit where they can park him in a room for a couple of days. At least.


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I'd reported it to the police imo, not necessarily to press charges, just to have it added to the record so the local PD will have more justification to tell him to fuck off when he cries to them that people are being FRAUDULENT and FALSE.