Lolcow BigFazeek / Greg D'Agostino - Autistic ultraconsumer manchild who tries to sue game studios over microtransactions, now disowned by his family with police involvement


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I'd reported it to the police imo, not necessarily to press charges, just to have it added to the record so the local PD will have more justification to tell him to fuck off when he cries to them that people are being FRAUDULENT and FALSE.

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He's late. Here I was thinking I was going to see a stream of New York's 2nd favorite pastime of 2 Italian men beating the shit out of each other. Lame.

@LordKaT, On a scale of 1 to 10 , how much you laugh if he dropped the "I'm back you fat fuuuuuck" line on you?


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He's just some dumb jabroni.
Figured. Read the OP, and oh wow this guy's a piece of work. not a shrink, but the part about wanting a refund for a whale-tier preorder he never used makes me think he's trying his damndest to fit in to gamers and the gaming culture, but doesn't play shit. He just buys. It's all staging, all props to be seen and show off.


Ooh good comeback... Moron
Absolutely amazing.

Takes him not even two and a half minutes to go from
->I need LordKaT's info to sue him
->I need LordKaT's info to show up at his house, fuck him up and later plead insanity

And he outright said all of this publicly.
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