Lolcow BigFazeek / Greg D'Agostino - Autistic ultraconsumer manchild who tries to sue game studios over microtransactions, now disowned by his family with police involvement


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I don't know who's funnier, Greg or that one guy that's so salty I still exist that he had to write a diatribe about how unpopular I am.
Latter doesn't realize: Big Fazeek appeared on your show, called a lady a bitch or said something rude about getting sick of her which made you flip your shit and putting Big Fazeek in his place. Also remember Spoony doing some shitposty "biij" video consisting of Fazeek being on camera as an endurance test. Fazeeks was also shown on some Playstation 3 show which could also show us more of Fazeek.

Still, I may as well find it funny one makes some long ass post to simply say "this guy is worst."
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Take a shot every time he says "Jason Pullera naked baby penis".

God fuck I'm crying, funniest shit I've seen in weeks. Man is so bad at typing he dictates "Jason Pullera naked baby penis" to Siri multiple times just to attempt to avoid doing a Google search that ultimately nets him... Nothing! The only reason he had to do the search, too, is because he lost the podcast he was listening to after he clicked on some random Marvel bullshit in his recommended on YouTube and legit lost his train of thought for a solid minute and a half.

Raw entertainment. Fucking amazing.

I love how he location tags his videos, but he's actually still in Tom's River, NJ. He marked that live stream as being from Staten Island, but the whole time he was in the restroom at the Tom's River courthouse. I don't think Jay has anything to worry about. This tweaker can't figure out how to get out of New Jersey.
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And his family :story: :story: :story: :story: :story:
Oh?! Is that how it works? You just fill out some paperwork and everyone you named will be “summoned to court”‽

Shit, didn’t know it was that easy!

Greg should watch out though, what’s to stop Lordkat from filling out a bunch of paperwork in HIS courthouse, and have Greg summoned to court for being a gigantic faggot?

In the autistic justice system, the people are represented by three separate but equally important groups: The police, who investigate crime, the district attorneys, who prosecute offenders. And the speds filling out random forms at their local courthouse.

These are their stories.



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dude, you seriously broke him. I have no idea what you have been saying to him outside of this thread, but the reaction has been wonderful to follow. Thanks
That's the thing though. I haven't said or done anything TO him. I've ignored the shit out of him. Outside trying to hit on his sister I've ignored every single thing he's said or done to me. The more you ignore him, and post his shitty behavior online, the more deranged and pissed off he gets.

In one of the videos he mentions that the "cops" parody I did featuring him was "illegal" and since he's threatening to take down the Kiwi Farms with more lawsuits, I've uploaded it here to piss off @Null so he can be taken down harder in the suit. It's not even worth being that pissed off about tbh.


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it's sick, it's piss
It is pretty amazing. You would think he would be more after other posters, especially the dude who started the thread. I guess just this post and page 2 was enough for his autism to completely latch onto you

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