Biggest bullshit in a video game -

I was playing Twilight Struggle on Steam as the Soviets and I failed to win in Early and Mid War. It turned into a desperate slog as I had to beat my way into Africa and the Americas. Finally, by Late War, I manage to get it so that I control the entire Middle East, have dominance in Europe, even regained Asia, and have beaten the computer to a standstill on all other continents. I manage to survive the American's onslaught to final scoring, and it tallies up that I had a massive lead in Victory Points. So, I press the button to end game, and it throws up a screen telling me I lost, then unlocks an achivement for losing to the computer.

This made me so mad I felt I had to tell strangers on the Internet.

Edit: If you play Twilight Struggle, to give you a sense of how fucking hard it was to win, I was realigned out of Cuba before I even got a foothold, and I sat at 15 - 16 US VP for the entire Late War. I had to survive not being fucked by Wargames, not being killed by a scoring card, and sitting on my ass as the US gobbled up every single battleground in the Western Hemisphere.

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Hell Temple in La Mulana.

La Mulana is almost a load of bullshit in of itself. It's a big homage to games like Maze of Gallious and others on the MSX. It's kinda like Metriod but a lot more obtuse in how you solve the puzzles and it doesn't hold your hand at all.

Well near the end of the game you start getting clues about a secret area known as the Hell Temple. Let's say you do the bizarre series of steps required to enter this accursed platform puzzle. Well you get to endure this fairly ridiculous puzzle mixed with bullshit platforming on such a level that it puts the rest of the game to shame.

Also you jump like you're Simon Belmont in oldschool Castlevania. No changing directions mid-jump.
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This one part of the jungle level of Sonic Heroes where you have to do a ring dash with the camera facing away, and if you press the button when not perfectly aligned you dash off the ledge and have to do the whole difficult segment over again. 6-year-old me ended up breaking the controller after game overing enough

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Pretty sure the last time I unironically raged at a video game was in 2009.
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This one part of the jungle level of Sonic Heroes where you have to do a ring dash with the camera facing away, and if you press the button when not perfectly aligned you dash off the ledge and have to do the whole difficult segment over again. 6-year-old me ended up breaking the controller after game overing enough

I don't think I ever got that far in Sonic Heroes, I can never get past that one part in a future city-type level where you're in some kind of round building filling with lava and you have to jump from ledge to ledge to escape it which shouldn't be that difficult were it not for the forced overhead camera angle that makes it nigh impossible to aim your jump properly.


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I don't enjoy challenging games much but recently I played through Halo: Reach, a game that has been a favorite of mine, for legendary for the first time when the MCC came out.

There were multiple moments in that play-through that I hated, but the most bullshit of them all was on Exodus, right before getting in the pelican to go to the beach when you have to kill the double plasma turrets. By this point you're far enough into the level that if you were (as I did) using the DMR to the fullest, you would be about out of rounds, since none spawned in the area. The singular max upgraded brute with a fuel rod, oh my fucking lord I was on the brink of smashing my monitor or pulling my hair out. I wanted to scream, that was so fucking bullshit. I spent 30 minutes minimum dying to it over and over again, going back to last checkpoint (which is about 20s before it), going over to it, and getting sniped and movement predicted. I had no guns to use other than like 3 fuel rod shots (which, if all 3 hit, aren't enough to kill him), a shotgun with a few shells, no allies and only plasma pistols on the ground. The area is in close quarters, so essentially any shot it fires will travel to you and deal area damage in under a second if you're in its range. It also one-shots you from full life, so you don't have a second chance to dodge. This shit made me remember why I don't enjoy overly hard games, because what in the hell are you supposed to do solo? You don't have any good guns at that part, the noob combo hardly works because by the time you can hit it (since brutes on legendary would dodge it if fired from anything more than medium range) it will instakill you. It dodges fuel rods like a champ, and the shotgun is a no go because of close range again. I had to figure out my movements so precisely and I got it down to a science exactly where and when I fired each shot and did it for like 10 minutes before finally getting it right. It was so unimaginably infuriating. Difficulty should make you think outside the box or be more careful, not have to obsess completely over killing a single enemy.

Long post, long sperg, but I have not experienced that much rage in a game ever.

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The AI in the original MK trilogy. Apparently nobody at Midway had any idea how to program fair AI, so they just made the CPU instantly counter everything you did before the game even finished animating it. Your only choice was to just die repeatedly until the game took enough pity on you and scaled back the difficulty until the enemy just stood there and took it. Next fight, rinse and repeat.

The worst was Jade in MK3. Throw a projectile? Instant invulnerability, runs at you and hits with you a 7-hit combo. Jump attack? Instantly matches your jump and hits you with priority. Block? Throws you. Do anything on the ground? Shuriken.

Luckily they have (mostly) fixed this in the more recent games.

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Two for Me.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum. One of the first big group fights. I go into a room, perched on a beam against one of the walls. Bunch of guys come in, cutscene starts. When the cutscene was over, I was on the beam in the middle of the room so everyone had clear shots at me.

No, I was on the side, don't move me. Never played another Batman Arkham game because of that.

2. The Last of Us. About 75% in I think. IIRC you could make a drink or had an ability to let you see through walls to see if any enemies are in the next room. I was being stealthy, checking every door I came to like that. I get to one, check it. No enemies. I open the door and three guys are there all of a sudden, take me out and another cut scene happens. They literary were not there 1 second ago, I open the door and they appear.

When a video game cheats like this, I won't play it or its sequels.

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The sewer level in Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines is atrocious, possibly the worst sewer level ever made and considering sewer levels are always the weakest part of a game that says a lot.

I knew it was bad, but when I replayed the game last year I was completely aghast at finding it to be even worse than I remembered.

Running around a very maze like sewer that is very easy to get lost in while being chased by dozens of little flesh monsters and deadly giant flesh monsters sucks.

And of course it doesn't help that the combat in the game is atrocious in general, it was already bad when the game was younger, now it's almost intolerable, it's a real shame because there are aspects of the game that are fantastic, but the sewer level and combat is bad enough it's unlikely I'll ever give the game another full replay.

People give "walking simulator" games crap but that's preferable to bad combat.

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Playing Elite Dangerous.

Decide it would be fun to role play and do my part to save humanity from the Thargoid menace.

Do some combat missions fighting Scouts, since getting the Guardian Guass is too fucking complicated and I don’t have time for that shit.

Go to system under attack, thinking maybe I could do a station rescue.

Change out optional internals on Krait II for passenger modules while docked at rescue ship.

Supercruise to a station that got hit and everything’s fucking on fire.

Didn’t pack enough heat sinks..

Don’t know my corners and turn rates, since I typically fly a Corvette, and don’t have as much stick time with the Krait.

Panic while pulling in, running into everything, loitering on pads, heat damage starts ticking.

“50 Cr fine incurred”

What the fuck? Everything’s literally falling apart, there’s debris everywhere, there’s like 4 functional pads, and apparently station authority is still worried about their paint job. Reckless flying? Bitch I’m trying to save some motherfucking humans, give me a goddamn pass.

I dock anyway, hoping I can pay the fine in-system:

1) Fine payment service is offline, on account of the station coming apart.
2) Passenger missions is functional, only mission is save refugees.
3) I can’t fucking take any missions because I have an outstanding fine.

I couldn’t save anyone on the station because I dinged the paint flying into a station that was literally on fire.

Bureaucracy killed more people than the Thargoids that day.

I recklessly fly my ass out of there and set up to mine Painite instead.

Humanity deserves this shit.


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Cave Story True ending
Have any of you ever tried getting this bullshit ending?
if not i got two words for you... Bloodstained Palace.

Fuck whoever decided to make a 10 minute long final dungeon complete with touch of death spikes replacing 99% of the floors, multiple boss fights, regular enemies who hit for way to much hp, and a final boss with way to many forms, and all of this has to be done in one life, theres no checkpoints, if you die at any point during this bullshit place you have to do the entire run thru the palace again.