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For those of you who don't know, Bikini Armor Battle Damage is a feminist geek site where a bunch of prudish ladies like to complain about women characters who don't wear outfits that completely cover at least 90% of their bodies and look like they have a figure. What seperates them is...

Note that the hero is placing the revenge on the monster for being sexually harassed by it - the kind of creepy situation that is way too often depicted “playfully” with female characters, no matter how traumatizing it would be for a real person. Especially if they were victim-blamed as “asking for it” because of clothes they were wearing.
Does it even register to dudebros how terrifying it would be to have someone do this to them? And how duplicitous it is to on one hand claim that fictional characters “choose” skimpy clothes because female empowerment, while on the other hand suggesting that the very same clothes invite (and justify?!) harassment? Like, remember that time some douche compared a slut walk attendee to Hideo Kojima’s mute bikini waifu?
What a rude demon! It’s good that they got what they deserved. Nobody should be subjected to sexual harassment, whether they’re empowered or not.

UPDATE: Since I need to add some pics, I'd like to show an example of one of their redesigns...


AFter: Good women's bodies, including their arms and ankles are to be hidden.

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On a life success scale they don't even beat CWC, let this be a warning to art students.

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Seriously, even CWC got more variety garbage on internet.

EDIT/// Been reading a lot of posts from this one in particular, doesn't seem to even give a shit about feminism in general, it just comes off as an insecure horny weebo.
She's 28 years old, and yet she acts like the stereotypical highschool nerd girl who mutters "whore" whenever the pretty cheerleader walks by. :story:

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Some of my favorite incidents:

1) BABD blowing a gasket over the portrayal of Diana in Shin Megami Tensei for having boobs all over the place; then it was pointed out to them that it's based off a Roman statue, they ignore it and double down on why it's wrong or something. Then they start going on about how Mara's portrayal as a giant penis monster is offensive to Buddhists. That makes as much sense as Christians being offended by South Park portraying Satan as a homosexual.

2) Saber from Fate/stay night. I don't remember the details but apparently they liked her for being fully armored but when they learned that she's actually a genderswapped King Arthur, she instantly became haram.

I'll dig them up when I don't feel lazy.

If they freak out over games with scantily clad women in fantasy games they should play Chinese mmos since their girls are fully covered but tastefully so(still prettier then them so donno if it'll charge a thing). And I feel people forget there's magic in fantasy games, in particular defence magic, which is why Gold is stronger then Steel in most fantasy games.



I have to disagree about the Chinese MMO part since there are still some lingerie options and those tend to be front and center in advertising. You have to look further for modest options or stick to predominantly historical fiction games.
I guess I keep coming a cross the modest ones then. But to be honest as long a you survive the next boss or wave of mobs is what you ware so important? Sorry thinking like a gamer and not a someone with body insecurities.


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The redesign here isn't bad, but of course, they took away her breasts. Honestly, what is with this site and their breastphobia? (The original character's were about average sized.)
Sexual jealousy. These pathetic nerd girls need to make fictional women look ugly because they themselves are or feel ugly and insecure, and since many men (and women) enjoy large breasts and see them as a symbol of beauty/sexuality, they HAVE to go for the "sake" of the ugly girls/enbies' ego.

Basically, since they can't go towards a RL sexy woman and call her skank/whore/slut (otherwise they'd be ignored at best or be yelled at/slapped/etc. at worst), they make whiny blogs where they yell about fictional sexy women for "reminding" them of how ugly they are or feel. It's pathetic and cowardly AF.