Bikini Armor Battle Damage - Hypocrites and Sexy Art

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Catgirl IRL
She probably has a dick.

That elf aggravates me for another reason though. I really dislike this tendency for diversity to mean "Vaguely ambiguous ethnicity" - I think I've said it before but these characters always seem to be just slightly dark so they can claim points, but not so dark they'd make the artist uncomfortable.

Its similar to how many tumble artists consider armchair, fat and vitiligo the height of variety.

John Titor

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Another re-design with poofy pants and I thought Milenna didn't like her maw so why would she wear a mask that gives that away?
She even admitted that she has no idea what the plot is.

What the fuck is with their obsession with putting clown pants on these characters?

That's not even making them more "realistic", that's just making them look ridiculous.
In fairness, it's a stock ninja trope but hers look terrible.

Yaoi Huntress Earth

My avatar is problematic.
She even admitted that she has no idea what the plot is.
I'm far from an expert on MK, but my guess is if you're a flawed clone of someone else, you'd not want to display the flaw that sets you apart from the original. At least with the old mask, you could easily pull it down to do your fatalities. This one looks harder to take off.

John Titor

Pronouns: time/temporal/tempself
Once again, not BABD but I think it's relevant here:
What happens when you get a bunch of know-nothing dunning-krugers who think they know better than professional artists when in reality they want to shit on pinups.
dunning kruger 2.jpg
no sexy allowed.jpg

Catgirl IRL
That first ones great because there's a Spider Gwen cosplay on the page they're all leaking over, but the pose is basically identical.

Men Writing Women became ridiculous for similar reasons - a lot of content was, hopefully, taking the piss as it had actually been written by women.


And the deer and the antelope.....
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They got the spine RIGHT they just got the angle of the shoulders wrong despite the obvious evidence in the "backpack" part of her outfit as to which way they're going, but they're somehow determined to make them go the OTHER way. They seem to be ignorant that something is blocking seeing the right shoulder, not that it's over there on the other side of the neck....

And once you realize that, the "incorrect" right arm makes perfect sense.

Fictional women are subject to the whims, desires and biases of everyone involved in their production, and self-serving, gratuitous BS is often the cornerstone of the result. There are very few examples of female characters who are dressed in a revealing manner because it reflects their motivations and personality (this would be the ‘appropriate’ situation you describe); they are most often dressed that way because they are female, and female characters must be served on a platter to the heterosexual male audience’s gaze or else they’re just not worth the effort! (Here’s lookin’ at you, Mass Effect.)
Fictional women have no agency, thus scantily clad women are sexist in design.
That's the argument? Really?