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The best way I can describe Bill Nye is he's become the liberal answer to Mike Rowe. Except Rowe is pleasant, humble, and preaches common sense while Nye just yells at Bible-thumping hicks because it makes him popular on Reddit.

I liked Nye's show well enough when I was a kid. But he's become such a if prick these past few years and he's a great example of the far Left turning science into a social identity (which I believe is the reason there's even a climate "debate" in the first place).

I would trade Nye in a thousand times over if it meant we could have Carl Sagan back.


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I thought the show was "Bill Nye saves the world." With a title like that, I would assume that the show would talk about things such as existential risk.

With the content of the show however, I think the title should be changed to "Rapidly Aging Nerd gets really autistic about issues that nobody outside of Tumblr cares about"


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Remember history being repeated by people who don't learn from it? Well the establishment left is doing that with the concepts of vocal minorities and silent majorities.

"Oh, you're autistically screeching the loudest? Well I guess the idea of man on pumpkin sex is a notion who's time has come, and we should be pushing this on a national platform."

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I watched the episode and I bet some snowflake is going to watch it get and triggered that the female South Korean pop star they used as an example of androgynous gender expression said they were a tomboy and not a gender special.

Watching the show made me think it must be what a cult meeting is like, at various points it was like Nye was actively trying to shame the audience into submission saying things like "SOME people aren't progressive and want to stand in the way of PROGRESS" and then goes to talk about how it's somehow science.

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@Feline Darkmage, do you also hold this position, or do you have a Tumblr account you're not telling us about?
Yeah, these nonbinary tumblrgenders aren't real trannies. I do however have a tumblr account, I actually used to get hate mail on there because of saying things similar to the post by @Ruin you quoted.

Please don't bring Sick Nick into this, I'm cringing hard enough already.

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I can't wait for tubby Tumblrkin trannies to approach him on the street only for him to give them the "Fuck you, can't you see I'm busy you fucking prick?" treatment that he's apparently given his fans throughout his entire career.
Damn, beat me to it!

Yeah, I've heard various stories of people randomly seeing him irl and being all like "omg it's bill nye i used to love your show!" and he'd be a dick.

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Isn't he just an engineer? I really don't get why anyone listens to him on certain subjects tbh.
Because who in North America hasn't seen Bill Nye the Science Guy? He's practically a household brand when it comes to talking about science. Classrooms show entire episodes of his old TV show, leaving a strong impression on a child's mind. Of course we will listen to our childhood science figure on certain topics because we've developed some sort of trust that he knows what he's talking about.


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It's too bad he became a whore for the sexually degenerate SJW clique. I want to believe the Netflix money was too good to pass up and he's not a true believer in the extremist nonsense he is peddling now. I understand people in show business will do or say anything to get a show on the air.


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Isn't he just an engineer? I really don't get why anyone listens to him on certain subjects tbh.
He specialty is Genderfluid Mechanics.

Nye has at least five honorary doctorates, which means that referring to him as a "scientist" is technically correct, though not particularly useful.
"Honorary doctorate" doesn't mean jack squat; it basically just means you're either famous or have greased someone's palms.

Please don't bring Sick Nick into this, I'm cringing hard enough already.
Why are you so anti-science and anti-progress? Age and kinship are spectra!
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