Bill Nye - the sjw guy


Trial by Fire! Trial by Fire!
Sadly, Bill Nye was one of the better things to come from my crappy childhood in NJ..... Which is part of why this sucks for me, besides his old ass going full-on SJW here and thinking this shite is funny. America could seriously use a purge of such ideologies - and this is proof.

Otherwise, get used to having stupidity like this continue & for people like Trump to be in charge for (8 + N) years (like we deserve for allowing stupidity, like that of what Shill Lie is doing here, to fester onward.) - and that's me speaking politically. I have no other perspective beyond this , except... to offer this:



This will all end in tears, I just know it.
I thought the show was "Bill Nye saves the world." With a title like that, I would assume that the show would talk about things such as existential risk.

With the content of the show however, I think the title should be changed to "Rapidly Aging Nerd gets really autistic about issues that nobody outside of Tumblr cares about"
I wouldn't be surprised if he were getting paid the beaucoup bucks to do it.
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Czech yourself before you wreck yourself
That'll surely endear your points about climate change to conservatives, put them in the same breath as your sodomy songs...
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Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
Something tells me I should have been watching this guy growing up, honestly. Even in song, he knows his stuff.
Carl Sagan is the gold standard every pop-sci figure should emulate. He was incredibly smart, but he was also humble and interested in teaching. People who didn't understand or agree with him weren't obstacles. They were potential students. You would've never seen him sing a song about how buttsex is something everyone should try, or fire out a stream of tweets reminding us all how Star Wars isn't real.

He also had none of the Scientific Left's hatred towards Christianity. I don't know exactly what his own religious beliefs were, but he thought concretely ruling out the existence of a God was mathematically foolish. IIRC he was a little disappointed with people who believed science and religion are irreconcilable.

Perverted Cat
Its because Mr. Wizard was a science educator. Bill Nye was a comedian who read a script.
Funny thing was Mr. Wizard could get visibly agitated with the kids he brought onto the show.

It was those little unscripted moments that made Mr. Wizard superior than Bill Nye. He wasn't afraid to tell the kids on his show they were wrong. He treated them like adults.

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