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I know Maddox isn't too liked around here, but I think he did a good job going over his ass in this podcast he recently made with some friends...
Remember: skip to 33:19. In case the skip doesn't work for you already.

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If we are still looking at reactions to the gender spectrum episode of Bill Nye's Netflix show, here is this one.


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Netflix renewed it for some fucking reason even with pretty much every group hated it
Witness how Bill Nye the 57 genders guy proves once and for all that biological sex doesn`t exist. Also more songs for kids about sex junks, butt stuff and food orgies.
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Let's not fall into the trap of "reee Netflix has been SJW converged too". Netflix, like Amazon, does most of this shit based purely on metrics. No doubt a lot of nostalgic dweebs wanting to recapture magic and (for those that have managed to produce any) share it with their children watched it, and it's relatively cheap to produce so it probably didn't have a super high mark to meet to get renewal. Whether or not they've now fled from the mental image of a grinning Bill Nye wanting to give little boys some prostate stimulation is going to be a matter for the next season's numbers. If next season's numbers suck, it will get shitcanned, because Netflix is big on the numbers.

In comparison, recall just a couple weeks ago the cancellation of Sense8 (a total fucking darling of the SJW crowd). That's because that shit cost $9 million(!) an episode to produce, so the expectations were a lot higher; compare that with Game of Thrones' $8 million an episode and you'll see that it really needed more traction to be remotely justifiable and it just didn't get it. Even with online furor from the hold-their-breath-until-they-die-if-you-don't-renew-the-big-queer-show crowd, Netflix didn't budge. Because they have the data that counts (subscribers who actually watched the thing) and that's what they act on, not retweets or articles on Jezebel and Queerty. A cheap show getting a decent viewership is simply easier to justify signing off on, so they did.

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Necroing because Bill recently did a Reddit AMA that went about as well as you'd expect it to. They tore him several new assholes and downvoted him to hell. The top comments were all critical of him, and he completely ignored them, making the whole thing look like a ghost town. The questions he did answer demonstrated that this "science guy" knows very little about science (and a lot of other things, apparently).



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Welp, after like four months, we finally get another season of this shit. It looks a thousand times better than the last two, since he's talking about things that actually matter, but that's not saying much, considering this is Nye we're talking about.

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