Bill Nye - the sjw guy


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Welp, after like four months, we finally get another season of this shit. It looks a thousand times better than the last two, since he's talking about things that actually matter, but that's not saying much, considering this is Nye we're talking about.

...And I'm still not watching it, either. The damage he's done to himself by becoming a neo hippie is already beyond acceptable standards.

Necroing because
Full thing if you hate yourself and want to sit through John Oliver.
Because inserting the word, "fuck" into every single sentence just because you're on HBO and you can makes you a lot more credible.
Hell, it's gotten millenial twitter in an uproar:



God, this whole "childhood ruined" shit really is the newest form of clickbait, isn't it?

Gay cartoon rats
Swearing Engineers-pretending-to-be-scientists

what's next?


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As if voting someone in office in one country, or enacting a new law in one country, would prevent the globe from being (literally?) on fire.
I love how these science-y types tend to be the greatest proponents of magical thinking.

This segment is even more damning:
Gender is extremely complex, but he apparently thinks that the demand of a commodity is only determined by its price. I wonder how come no one calls him Bill Nye The Economics Guy.
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More like person who used to believe in chromosomes and then stopped believing in them because fee fees.

It's lucky then Youtube didn't pull that clip yet. One Youtuber mentionned the following.

Netflix removed this segment. Just another example of the Orwellian distopia shit pile we live in these days.
I won't be surprised if Netflix might have edited others Bill Nye episodes. Btw, I quoted another comment for posterity.

So what the hell happened? Should I believe anything the say today? What are they going to say tomorrow, that we have animal spirits

Syaoran Li

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I believe climate change is definitely real given the scientific data and humanity is likely a major factor in this global warming, although it can be argued whether we're causing it or merely exacerbating a natural warming period and if so, to what extent.

But I'm not going to trust any statements about climate science from a washed-up children's TV star from the 90's no matter how many times he says "fuck" on cable television.

Dude doesn't even have a degree in a relevant field like climatology or meteorology.

The only Bill Nye has is a degree in engineering and a strong sense of unwarranted self-importance

I may not be a science guy, but I know sensationalist bullshit and attempts at trying to stay relevant when I see it.

The guy from Beakman's World would have never done something as dumb as this.

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