Black Friday aftermath - Black Friday has a racist connotation?


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Hello, here I was checking the aftermath of the infamous Black Friday and this is some of the most interesting stuff I found:

Black Friday shoppers trash Nike store near Seattle
Hundreds of Black Friday shoppers trashed a Nike outlet store near Seattle, Washington, with images of the aftermath going viral over the weekend.

Customers left shoe boxes strewn in the aisles and merchandise in ruin. The incident happened at the Seattle Premium Outlets, and images and video posted to social media quickly spread across the country, showing the devastation that hyper-consumerism can cause.

Read more here:

One injured, one charged, after shots were fired outside Wolfchase Galleria
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Two of the three people taken into custody after a person was shot outside Wolfchase Galleria Mall have been released.

Derrick Blackburn, 19, was arrested for Unlawful Possession of a Weapon.

The incident happened around 11:15 p.m. Thursday in the parking lot outside the food court area on the south side of the shopping center.

Witnesses say the suspect fired several shots then drove off in a red Ford Mustang.

Black Friday horror after policeman is stabbed in the neck confronting 'HMV shoplifter' ahead of Busted visit
An off-duty police officer has been stabbed after confronting a suspected shoplifter on Black Friday.

The male officer was attacked in Leeds city centre this morning. He was slashed across the neck, face and hand shortly after 9am.

His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening and he is now being treated in hospital.

The store had only just opened for Black Friday sales.

Black Friday 2016's US death toll rises to 3 after more fatal shootings
Following the shooting, Juarez jumped into his car to flee, but shoppers had already called authorities and a police helicopter was able to follow him for about 15 miles (24 km).

He was then arrested without incident. Police confirmed Juarez would be charged with murder and aggravated assault.

The perpetrators of the two earlier shootings in Nevada and New Jersey are still believed to be at large, however.

There were incidents reported from more countries as well. Does anyone else thinks this is getting worse every year?

And what about that "Black Friday has racist connotations" claims? It's silly, really. But some people seem to be pushing an agenda with this. Get ready for more controversies.

What do you think of all this?
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I heard it was really slow around my area. I went by Wal Mart for some random shit over the weekend and they still had a bunch of their cheap by-the-door display tvs.

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people line up and get their shit and leave at my shitty retail job. theyre there at 1am, buy all the door busters, leave, and the place doesnt get busy again until noon which is typical for a weekend. then everybody complains they dont like crowds, come at a busier time, and complain that all the good shit was bought out. same every year.
Getting worse? nah but the companies work people up when they don't need to. TVs went on sale 2 weeks ago at some retailers for the black friday sale prices, people either don't know or come in black friday anyway for them. As for all the media reports on violence: theyre blowing it out of proportion. the election ended so what can they talk about until january?
edit: also i think i remember reading an article that had a bunch of retail related fights/deaths/injuries posted around one thanksgiving but a. the incidents didnt happen on black friday and b. many were the result of ongoing disputes that just so happened to end up in stores.

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