Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors lands Warner Bros. TV production deal - Prepare for yet more must-miss TV

I dated a Chinese exchange student for a while and her only knowledge of America was from TV and Movies so she thought America was like 85% black. She was surprised when she came here and there were so many Asians and white people.

Blacks are absurdly over represented in TV and movies.

Indeed and meanwhile hispanics are under represented in tv and movies compared to them.

Mr. Zed da Robot Poon Fed

Black people watch too much damn television.

From USA Today in 2017:

Analysts say that in recent years, amid dramatic growth in the amount of TV and streaming content, programmers have accelerated their diversification efforts, targeting narrower niches. African-Americans watch far more TV than any other group — nearly 44 hours a week last fall, Nielsen says — while Asian-Americans watch the least (less than 15 hours).

Who the fuck watches 44 hours of television a week? Most people work 40 hours a week, no? How do you end up watching more TV than working?

This shit really makes me wanna cry. This is probably how black people end up being hypnotized by CNN and the like to be progressives/liberals.

Also, interesting to note: the group that watched the least amount of TV is the same group that makes the most money in America. Really activates those almonds, doesn't it?

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I wonder where the Kiwi pages about Patrisse's house acquisitions are?

If you are working alongside megacorporations promoting your message, you aren't the resistance.