'Black Panther' loses its 100% Rotten Tomatoes score - Irish Independent's Ed Power scores it 3/5, "rotten".

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Also, are you going to breakdown and cry when infinity war come now out and it’s all white people again?
That's honestly my take on this as an MCU continuity fan. "Is this movie directly related to the Infinity Stones and upcoming Infinity Wars movie? Is this movie directly or indirectly related to Thanos beyond "Black Panther might join the fight"? If not, then I'll lack a vested interest."

I like MCU movies that don't tie in directly to IW and Thanos, especially if they're linked super indirectly, like Spiderman and Tony Stark. But this one feels so far removed and in its own little corner of the 'verse that it feels just inconsequential to even my fanboy tendencies.

One Man Bland

Imagine being this triggered by a disposable capeshit superhero film meant to sell tickets to children and teenagers.

I am surprised that parts of the audience are quickly turning on the movie for not being woke enough.
Honestly I'm not surprised at all. Even ignoring how the film was being hyped to ridiculous proportions, it's become par for the course for SJWs to tear down every single thing that attempts to cater to them. And each new piece a media seems to get termed faster than the previous one.


Saw this in the moviebob thread. I think he retweeted this. I don't even...

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Yes, the same movie that spawned Public Enemy's seminal "Fight the Power".
Can I just say I fucking loath how much importance people put into disposable pop culture now a days. Seriously. Get a life. Go outside. Get a hobby.
Do something other than sitting in a basement all day sperging about how Superhero movie number 124'456 is going to change the world guys!
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