Black Widow - Prequel? Clone? Skrull?


New Years Resolution? Jew Beers Smesolution.
What are the odds they bring back the character, but recast? Best of both worlds, no?


Patty Hearst/Mariya Takeuchi/Angela Carter
Trailer audio leaked

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Duncan Hills Coffee

Awakes you from a thousand deaths

Go away RDJ.

Apparently he might even be the Jarvus to Riri Williams in a future project....
Y'know I'll give Hugh Jackman credit; when he said Logan would be his final appearance as Wolverine, he stuck to it. Unlike RDJ here.


Patty Hearst/Mariya Takeuchi/Angela Carter

Oh no they're going to actually show what happened in Budapest? That gag between her and Hawkeye works better when you don't know what she's referring to, this is the Kessel Run in Solo all over again.
Especially since Alec Guiness with a look already told us about the Kessel Run
I'm waiting to see what controversy will hit it. Remember Brie Larson?
i've been a fan of Carol Danvers since Chris Clarmont

thats why I watched that trash


Gay Space Communist Jesus
I'm interested in seeing a live action "Red Guardian" in this movie. We took a look at the o.g comics Red Guardians first appearance on my show Gay Space Communism.


He has potential to be interesting. Theres good stuff connecting him with Natasha in both their origins.

Will the MCU fuck it all up? Maybe.

The trailer looks okay.

But I am not interested in seeing it. It looks leagues better than the CM trailers and the trailer was edited well enough.
Though that part part with the skydiving and the grunts falling after her reminded me of a scene near the end of Shoot Em Up.


please pluck your nose hairs.
I'm one of those spergs who wanted a black widow movie, I confess.
I'm not interested in post endgame marvel movies, but I'm crossing my fingers this one will be decent.

RDJ fuck off already, stop enabling this tony-centric bullshit marvel movies lap up.
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