BlackLivesMatter, always 06/04/20 -

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When I peek, it is in the line of duty.

0:00 ‘People change. People grow, and I’m one of them.’ Hey, didn’t realize this was going to be a weight gain video!! I jest, of course. Because what the fuck is this shit after her hysteria and OMG IM GUNNA DIE *SOB* video?

0:07 So she is waffling now about how she used to say #AllLivesMatter and how that was wrong and racist and shit. Whatever. You’re another dumb white influencer who’s weighing in on this shit for clout and to bring in new viewers that you can sucker in to give you YouTube Bux.

0:23 And she’s mad at herself for saying #AllLiveMatter. Because she didn’t realize that black people are constantly living in fear and don’t have the same opportunities as white people.

0:55 ‘We need to do better as a country.’ You know, I want to fucking smash her face in with statistics that show that white males are shot more often in America by police than black people, and the most black murders take place in black-on-black violence.

1:30 Now she’s going on about how racism is the most disgusting thing that people are taught. I’m wondering if her tiny little AuthorLynn brain would understand the difference between having bias, being bigoted, stereotyping and racism. Because most idiots don’t. Hence why the actual impact of the word ‘racism’ has been degraded to the point that it’s actually a useless term in today’s vocabulary.

1:40 ‘YoU aRe ThE pRoBlEm.’ ‘GeT yOuR hEaD oUt Of YoUr AsS.’ It would blow her fucking mind to go overseas and see race relations in other areas of the world. It’s not an American problem, you dumb cuntwaffle. It’s a humanity problem.

2:03 ‘Rest In Peace.’ Bet’cha she has no idea about what kind of person George Floyd was. Sure, his murder was wretched and those responsible need to be held accountable. But he wasn’t an innocent angel either.

TD;DW/R: AL is blathering infomercial style about the BLM movement and how #AllLivesMatter is a counterargument made in racism and ignorance per standard SJW screeching which because it's spoken by the woke must be true.

She is as dumb as a thimble-full of pocket lint and needs to go schedule her hysterectomy to lose her rotting uterus.
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MartyrLynn is in full swing. She tried (and failed) to be the patron saint of Deathfats, now she is giving the black community a try.
ETA: She really is reading out the wall of text, word for word, she posted earlier today huh. That doesn't seem forced or contrived at all.
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