BlackLivesMatter, always 06/04/20 -


destroy them with lazers
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So basically she got one (1) tweet about how she should be using her platform to talk about BLM and she decided she should give the people what they want.
I disagree with this mentality; hounding and harassing anyone with a substantial following to discuss your cause is stupid. The amount of celebrities that have posted black squares or “touching” paragraphs on their instagrams is astounding and I’m willing to put money on it that a lot of them just did it so people would shut up and leave them alone but even that isn’t good enough and they’re expected to give a ton of money to a bunch of random charities.

Let’s be real ALR did this to make sure she isn’t “cancelled” for not saying anything - and it worked because she’s getting ass pats galore.

Tammy Slaton's Male Aide

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If Amber wasn't a fat fuck lesbian, she'd be fucking a black dude.
Let's not forget, Rickie is actually a "black woman on the inside!"

Oh & what does white taste like? Power! According to the "blacker than a Nigerian princess" himself 👸🏿

Edit: Well, fuck me, I misread your post. I thought you said she would be a black dude, not fuck one. My bad! Probably shouldn't post in the wee hours, heh-eh.
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lol see shit like this is why i said i *almost* felt bad for her

did she make this while hysterically cryeen or what?
Seems like she already had the video made, but when she got the news she hastily made a video mid-cry and threw that up there, then this video soon after. I guess the “news that shook her world” didn’t shake it hard enough for her to postpone the video for more than five hours.

Guts Gets Some
She now gains a new following of sympathy viewers.
The worst kind of followers you can ever have, you mean? The kind who don't actually give a shit about you or anyone else if they don't go along with the narrative or the agenda?

Good. They're a match-made in heaven, and things will only continue to get worse for her. :story:
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