Article Blaire White Tweets JY doxxed her-- video live at 2pm pst -

Who is the agent?

  • JY

    Votes: 195 56.0%
  • JY plus another man

    Votes: 16 4.6%
  • JY plus mom

    Votes: 108 31.0%
  • Unclear at this time

    Votes: 29 8.3%

  • Total voters


Here for the ☕️
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This happened a few years ago with IG when they switched over business accounts, there is an option to have a phone number for businesses instead of messages and if you aren't paying attention you can click the wrong one.

Really, some mastermind. JY likely did a reserve google search on the phone number. Some hax0rz.


Painfully Shy Autist
I have an ot question, but does anybody know why she'd get engaged twice? Is that.....normal?
I'm autistic so I'm wondering if I'm just being exceptional or if this is unusual

I'm at a loss at why people interact with Yaniv and don't suspect that he's going to call 911/fake a seizure/threaten a lawsuit/dox them/some new bullshit. His whole shtick is making people feel uncomfortable and threatened and he clearly finds this temptation irresistible. I wonder how his legal team will try to put out this fire.

Lol Blaire started talking about kiwifarms and then stopped herself and started going on about how, "See I want to talk about this stuff openly but like I don't want to draw attention to where you can find the info blah blah..." Uh huh. Sure. It's that's she's so so concerned about her address and not that, you know, she has an entire thread about her here.

Also Holy fucking waxed balls, this stream is making baaaaank.

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