Article Blaire White Tweets JY doxxed her-- video live at 2pm pst -

Who is the agent?

  • JY

    Votes: 198 56.1%
  • JY plus another man

    Votes: 17 4.8%
  • JY plus mom

    Votes: 109 30.9%
  • Unclear at this time

    Votes: 29 8.2%

  • Total voters

I am glad to see JY still has shit for brains - I was concerned he’d actually stop having an online presence and I would have to find something new to make life interesting. I can’t check my phone much at work so I am happy I could get my fix tonight.

I don’t really feel sorry for Blair though if she keeps feeding into his mental health death swirl. She’s gonna get his shit all over her.

I don't know anything about anything but doesn't this

Therefore, every communications including interstate phone calls, to and from any States in the USA and every foreign phone call to and from the USA, are under the control and the jurisdiction of the Federal government of the USA pursuant to the Federal communication Act of June 19, 1934, 48 Stat. 1064, 1104, 47 U.S.C. Section 605. That any party to the phone conversation can him/herself record the phone conversation or have another person record the phone conversation for him/her and publish it, including posting it on social media
Mean that Blaire didn't do anything wrong? It's an international call so it's one-party consent? That's from wiki it cites United States v. Polakoff, 113 F. 2d 888, 889.


That's Blaire's brand: A troon Kardashian who can think. It's irritating hearing her prattle on about her hair and makeup but it's part of the act. No BW won't jeopardize her monitization by mentioning the Farms by name but then again few have. Even though almost every journo/blogger on this has come here to get the unfakeable archives, they won't say because of our language barrier.

Wait, I thought it WAS illegal in Canada? I keep seeing conflicting info on this end.

Edit: From what I'm seeing it CAN be illegal but can also not be illegal depending on circumstances. In this case, it looks like it's not illegal.
Simply posting a name/address/phone number (facts) is not illegal. Including a call-to-action (harassment) is illegal.


your wig is slipping
@Orange//Net did you reupload the video to mega upload? Your comment with the file you apparently posted is deleted and I would really love to watch this video as I was at work all fucking day and Blaire likes to just not post her live streams lately.

EDIT: the link in OP still works! Video is unlisted but it is up

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