Article Blaire White Tweets JY doxxed her-- video live at 2pm pst -

Who is the agent?

  • JY

    Votes: 197 56.1%
  • JY plus another man

    Votes: 17 4.8%
  • JY plus mom

    Votes: 108 30.8%
  • Unclear at this time

    Votes: 29 8.3%

  • Total voters

Yellow Yam Scam

Reviewmah, going in.
True & Honest Fan
What has happened here? Singing over Blaire White in a semi elmo voice? 3 times?

Yaniv's only query:
"Why all the dislikes?"
It's a troll account.

If you're reading this I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME: You're not funny and you have humiliated yourself.

Chicken Picnic

aka crippled picnic
Wow Yaniv :story: you shouldn't have admitted to this one. Blaire has said multiple times that she will "be the one responsible for sending Yaniv to prison" and you just gave her ammo to press charges against you for harassment. It doesn't matter if Blaire genuinely believes you are harassing her, she wants you in jail M8 so she will fucking go for it.

In the past week you've made threats to @WGkitty and now posted (spamming it in a live chat) a popular YouTuber's address. Keep digging that hole lmao. Your agent (if they do exist) is gonna wanna jump ship pretty quickly before they get any reputation for working with you too.


True & Honest Fan
I don't care if anyone's posted this :
View attachment 890095

Why is Jon following his own Chris arc?

Does he want infamy that bad that he's wanting his own CwCki?

Imagine that. That's going to be headcannon for me now. Jon wants his own CwCki.
Blaire is his Clyde Cash.
I just hope no one is degenerate enough to become Liquid Yaniv.
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Collections Agent

I've Come To Collect!
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Of course she is. She's a fucking hypocrite. I've read up on her views about transgender issues and her opinion on it is basically "I'm the only valid trans woman".
I mean that, or that Yaniv has based their entire career on trying to get people to touch his junk under fear of lawsuit and used his trans status to photograph young girls.

I don't think he's exactly the best person to come to bat for if you're gonna talk about who deserves to have their pronouns respected.


あかんで !
Of course she is. She's a fucking hypocrite. I've read up on her views about transgender issues and her opinion on it is basically "I'm the only valid trans woman".
Well, she has a point. AGPs aren't feminine.
They're just perverts.
Even if you regard Blaire as a girly faggot, she is undoubtedly female presenting. She could be a crossdresser and still be more female than an AGP.

Jon is a he. Regardless of what Canada says.

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