Article Blaire White Tweets JY doxxed her-- video live at 2pm pst -

Who is the agent?

  • JY

    Votes: 198 55.9%
  • JY plus another man

    Votes: 17 4.8%
  • JY plus mom

    Votes: 110 31.1%
  • Unclear at this time

    Votes: 29 8.2%

  • Total voters


"I got a B+ in lurking!"
Whenever John-Boy mentions his "agent" I always picture the one from Bolt.
@SourDiesel @nets_awesome is there word on BW's insta?
I just looked and there's nothing yet.

I browsed through her Insta for a moment though and she posted a selfie with another YouTuber (I assume) who kind of looks like Yaniv in that photo. Obviously it's not him but I had to do a double take. His nose and smirk look similar.
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In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
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Also lol: I LOVE YOU. He wants attention sooooo bad, he’ll pull idiot daytime drama stunts to get it.
Yaniv: "I forgot to mention, my lawyer and agent also happen to be my identical twin brothers. You haven't seen them before because they just got out of comas last week. You see, they were skiing around their billionaire mansions in the Swiss Alps and hit trees at the same time. They also want to marry me and get me pregnant. "

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The thread yesterday wherein Null got an email from Jonny's "Intermediary" is even more hilarious in hindsight. Who knew the fat fucking pedo would triple down on that so obviously?

Also, we're reaching complete utter sociopath levels of Troon now that he realizes that Blaire White is trans and actually passes and is liked by other human beings. How long do you think until he starts dressing like her and making plans to make a skinsuit out of Blaire's corpse?

Another livestream now. Includes JY's visit to the farms, we don't know if it was today's or not.
Just to complete the set of today's videos on Yaniv's visit to the forum, the archive of @Rose of Dawn's video posted to the "Visits" thread - and a link to YT version.

Edit: Got my threads mixed up. RoD's vid, while good, doesn't go here. It came out while Blaire's stream was still in progress and doesn't go into the doxing.

still watching the stream, the agent is about to call blaire, very curious about yanivs real voice :) though I've heard a few transwomen slip into their real voice irl before, usually when they're angry and trying to shout someone else down. all their ridiculous false ladylike delicacy suddenly gone

I have to say blaire passes better with minimal makeup like that and not with that bimbo drag queen look he usually sports in his videos, whats wrong with his hair tho, is he going bald? hope it's not from stress over yaniv

edit: omg they really sound the same without the fake nasal voice, maybe it was his dad tho? or what's the story about his dad, is he still in the picture? in the other livestream yaniv said that both parents support him fully

edit²: so I caught up on the thread and apparently blair says the "agent" thought he hung up on her and that blair recorded a private "conversation" between yaniv and his "agent" or rather yaniv talking to himself to entertain blair? what the actual fuck? how is yaniv not locked up in a nice cozy room made of rubber?

edit³: oof blaire had some man voice slip ups as well tho, sounds like a dude when he ugly laughs and how ridiculous this whole situation is. wonder if there's any legal repercussions coming off this, it's like reality tv so awful but you can't stop watching
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This is the gayest of gay ops from Johnny and Robert, yet it's fucking working because chasers and speds.

Robert wants that sweet superchat cash.
Johnny wants everyone to notice him.

Congrats you both won.

Edit because I can't keep up with deadnames like some of y'all
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