Dramacow Blake Howard Hobbs / Laura Hobbs / CommieDickGurl / laurizza / LAURAZILLA100s / EndGCTP / CaliPizzaGirli520 / CrazeDawg - It's ma'am the sequel, incel-to-troon pipeline exhibit A, threatens TERFs and blames them for him being sexually assaulted

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Confederate Fag

So, this guy shoots meth (or something) into his feet? That explains a lot.


Surfin Terf

Can anyone convince me that this dude is not actually a Michael McDonald character from MadTV? Because if Michael McDonald ever made a troon character, I fucking guarantee you that he would look and sound and act exactly like Blake. And now I can’t unsee it. 😂
Lucky you, he not only did it, but it’s only gotten more relevant since then


Meds aren't working. Better get new ones.
Typical troon, sees the potential tragic loss of life, even if it was the life of Byuu, and tries to use it to get attention for themselves.

Oh, also did you know using the "second amendment right to defend yourself" is still a crime Blake? Murder is murder troon. Based on your tweet history, well, I could definitely argue that you will commit second degree murder, and no one will defend your "second amendment right" when you do so and decide to start shooting cops in "self defense" when they come to arrest you for said second degree murder.

Typical gun nut, thinks the second amendment reads "has the right to shoot anyone they so choose". Why can't firearm enthusiasts be more normal and just be really into the manufacturing, functionality and up keep of guns and stick the range while publicly shaming people like Blake instead of having a god complex about the trivial act of taking a life? As much milk as it will produce, it will still be a fucking shame when Blake shoots some poor black man for walking towards him late at night thinking it is a New Zealand Agricultural Association gayop assassin. Also, I will bet my left toe that when Blake finally tries to be a big hard ass man and pull that trigger, if it isn't pointed at himself, he will traumatize himself in the process.

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