Dramacow Blake Howard Hobbs / Laura Hobbs / CommieDickGurl / laurizza / LAURAZILLA100s / EndGCTP / CaliPizzaGirli520 / CrazeDawg - It's ma'am the sequel, incel-to-troon pipeline exhibit A, threatens TERFs and blames them for him being sexually assaulted

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Jan 16, 2021
The thing is, we don't know what happened before Blake turned on the camera. All we see is an insane tranny screaming about being violently misgendered and pushing people to react so he could become Victim Famous.
True, we're missing a part of the story. Been on both ends of the customer service in my life and de-escalating any kind of conflict situation is generally considered the only correct reaction to such situation arising but then there are customers who are just fuming and contact customer service just to vent.

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Nov 6, 2021
Is anyone else watching as this absolute ulcer of a pick-me "girl" get what's comping to them?
One face of their two-sided attention garnering scheme was them reaping troon benefits given by his flamboyant left followers.
The second side being his absolute sellout to kiwi farms to make up for lack of paternal approval, along with a hilariously delusional and DMT fueled perception that kiwi farms is full of ethical intellects who deeply care about voluntary cleaver-wound survivors.
If there's one thing I hate, it's hypocritical and self-justifying faggots like these.
You see it in the self-hating whites who think that they can get approval from black people if they disassociate from white people just to get an ego boost.
You see it in ugly or uninteresting women with the self esteem the size of a molecule and who want male attention or validation since they receive jack shit. That in itself is fine if it were not for the fact that they throw their friends, their gender and their self respect under the bus to do so.
This type of behavior pisses me off to no end and I'm glad that all this troons friends have left them considering they just shit on all of their faces and desecrated their entire "community" who inversely doesn't want anything to do with them anymore.
"the LGBT community is the problem guys!"
No, YOU'RE the problem, not a random fag who did nothing but be a fag, but YOU. You're the child predator who drags down everyone around you, communicating and grooming children, you base your entire presence off of only starting rumors and trying to garner approval from anyone who will give it to you.
With most sincerity go fuck yourself.


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Sep 20, 2016
Blake being chauffeured like a real lady while his fat boyfriend takes a turn blazing and driving.

Twelve hours. Twelve fucking hours.


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Jan 31, 2021
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it’s “interesting” how Blake is always incapable of empathy with real women. the misogyny seethes only barely restrained behind this half-assed recentering on himself.
TLDR I didn’t care what my psycho community was saying about Arch TERF JK Rowling or what death threats she was getting until I realized it hurts me too (??).
Great empathy there.


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Jul 12, 2021


also Blake:


I guess e-begging for people to tip you while you display YOUR fetish for dressing up as a woman is toooootally different.


somehow I don’t think the vape store attendant will be any less horrified at the sight of Bargain Bin Buffalo Bill looming over them with this Frank N Furter leer on his face.