Blake Northcott is NOT COMICSGATE and never will be - Never trust an SJW from Toronto they will break your goddamned heart

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Jul 29, 2020
I know Blake Northcott has never been Comicsgate but it looks a hell of a lot like she never will be

I searched her official site and found these

She is not coming to our side this proves it



Even put her commie flag right beneath this statement

I don't think she's full on SJW because I don't see her making false accusations and trying to side with the fucking whisper network but she is for surre hardcore left

Her twitter feed is all Canadian left politics and other democratic shit which is disappointing

I hoped Brian Edward Hill or Dan Panosian might go Comicsgate eventually I think they are our closest shots for a new recruit in the future, they seem like they have the philosophy for it, and I think Panosian is friends with EVS so that might be an inroad. We got FRAGA BOOM which was a huge score so I think more will come over when the industry collapses soon. They are gonna need the income when stores are gone.

But Northcott is a lost cause

I still respect her and the work but she's like SGM, they just wanna stay out of all this and be independent

#ComicsGate forever

Bad Take Crucifier

It was the most unholy thing I had ever seen
Jun 12, 2020
OP is fgt

Also we already have a comicsgate thread. I suggest you lurk moar before posting in it, though.