Blanchard, Transing Gay Kids, and Autogynephilia Discussion

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Aug 22, 2019
I noticed pretty much every tranny thread on the site getting spammed with talk about how fetishes work and homo genocide instead of the cows themselves, so I figured I'd create a thread for it.

For those not in the know, troon Enemy No. 1 Dr. Ray Blanchard was the one who coined the term "autogynephilia" and the first to do serious studies on it. His theory was that there were two causes of gender dysphoria: homosexuality combined with personality and behaviour more typical of the opposite sex, and autogynephilia or "love of oneself as a woman". Not all homos and autogynephiles become dysphoric, but if they're dysphoric at 20 they'll be dysphoric forever.

He wasn't the first psychologist who noticed this. Others have noted two distinct clusters of MTF tranners. They tended to call them things like primary vs. secondary transsexuals, early-onset vs late onset, etc. The first cluster tends to be "straight", naturally feminine from a very young age, and of average intelligence. The second cluster tend to be "lesbian" or bisexual, typically masculine guys, have above average intelligence (or at least the ones that made it past the old gatekeeping system did), and are more likely to be autistic. They also have what other psychologists used to call "transvestic fetishism". One psychologist commented that:

Once the transvestite discovers that he has, in a sense, both male and female within himself, he can play out many of the culturally prescribed heterosexual patterns internally. He can, for example, give himself gifts of shoes and nightgowns. He can also provide many of the male-female complementarity expectations all by himself. After a hard day at the office he doesn't need to come home to a nurturant wife; he becomes a nurturant wife. Furthermore, he has an undemanding gratification scheme. His feminine self is highly predictable, producing a situation that is something like playing chess with oneself, which fits in well with his fear of failure and his passivity. "Connie [a transvestite's femme name] isn't bossy, she isn't demanding, she doesn't fly into jealous rages. She exists only for me, and she knows I'm her lord and master. I like it that way," a transvestite writes about himself.

Blanchard's theory does have its flaws. For example he completely dismissed the concept of autoandrophilia in FTM tranners. But I've seen homosexual transsexual (HSTS) FTMs act grossed out by mpreg enthusiasts and point out it would give them dysphoria, as well as "gay" trans men who love getting knocked up.

This theory would shed light on a lot of what we're seeing right now. Gay kids being convinced they're trans because one type of tranners really were like them as kids, and non-dysphoric autogynephiles flaunting their fetish like it's a normal part of being trans because there's plenty of dysphoric autogynephiles in the community for them to relate to.

I've noticed that radfems tend to focus on sensational bits and pieces to the detriment of the theory as a whole, so I'm hoping this thread will let people talk about other interesting aspects of the theory, rather when 1000 of the same "eww fetishes" take.

Feb 8, 2018
I remember in 2008 when everybody online considered these people to be sick fucks. Ah, what good times those were. You had shit like Dorian Thorn and the BME pain olympics proving to us just how degenerate these freaks were. But now the faggotry has spread. /b/ was hit hard with it in 2010 or 12 (IIRC). At first they fought off the invasion but the trannies won, unfortunately for us all.


Jul 23, 2019
I've said this a bunch of times but Blanchard literally said that if it helps the mental health of someone, go ahead and transition since that dysphoria ain't gonna go away. But he's truscum who pointed out that yes, some men have a fetish for dressing up and it may be linked to gender dysphoria. The future is a Reddit troon posting zir strong nonbinary beard while wearing a dress, forever.

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Sep 24, 2019
In my opinion autogynephillia is the only way to explain some (read: many if not most) MtF trannies. The type that don't wear make-up, don't make a conscious effort to dress nicely instead obsess about wearing thigh-highs and fetish gear. Those who don't train their voice, are not trying to learn female speech patters, body language et fucking c.


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Dec 18, 2018
Radfems sound like a Fallout creature. I imagine they'd burrow out of the ground, and attack in swarms.

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Feb 11, 2016
Blanchard has the big gay. He was right about letting both "clusters" transition should they want to though, that's pretty based.

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Aug 4, 2019
Necroing this thread to ask if anyone else is interested in reading further into Blanchard's theories. I've been wanting to read more from him and it would be fun to talk about it with people here.

Aug 19, 2020
Shouldn't this go into