Blast From The Past - When you hear a song you haven't heard in years


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On my way home from work tonight I heard this song on the radio:
This was one of my favorite songs when it first came out, and I think the last time I heard it was over a decade ago.

A couple weeks earlier I heard this song, which is a Spanish version of a song I listened to in high school Italian class:

Has anyone else recently had a musical trip down memory lane?


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I fairly recently watched the hotel season of American Horror Story and rediscovered my love of She Wants Revenge's Tear You Apart. I was annoyed I'd forgotten about it for almost a decade.

Thanks to YouTube recommendations I also rediscovered Röyksopp ft Karin (from The Knife) - What Else Is There?


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Jesus I haven't heard Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin ever since I used to watch Halo machinimas on my computer all day.


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I first heard this in some movie when I was a kid, and the sax hook stuck with me all my life. Heard it again at work this morning as I was following a bunch of shady methheads to keep them from taking things. Felt it appropriate to the situation.
Speaking of things you heard countless times as a kid, for me, two songs that always stuck in my head, due to being played on the radio constantly while I was in the car with my mom going to school were Eddie Rabbit's "I Love A Rainy Night" and Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton's "Islands in the Stream".

Every time I think of these two tunes, I think back to those car rides in the rain.


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Back when I was 13 I used to listen to this song while eating gummi bears:
Haribo macht Kinder froh
Haribo macht Kinder froh
Haribo macht Kinder Froh
Haribo macht Kinder...

In all seriousness, there are a few songs that had mesmerized me as a kindergardener, but I've never known the name of them or their bands till a couple months ago (God bless the internet):
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