Blast thread - Attention whoring thread

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to autistic on the internet to live to mati to die
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Jan 27, 2020
So about the gayop.
a few years ago an incident happened where I was drugged and possibly taken advantage of and I texted him for help. then I texted a former co worker of mine. guess who helped...the coworker. livid I was upset so I planned to get him back. I wanted him to be in a position where he needed me, and I wanted him to be let down again and again and again.
It wasn't hard, he was already financially in the hole by his own obnoxious spending. We kept separate households, I knew how to make my money last even down to the penny. He didn't. So I actively fucked with saying I was going to help and never shown up to do so. then when I got bored I left my friend take over. :/