Bleach getting a new anime series. -


I am happy to see this, but not so much the IchiRuki shippers stating their shit again.
The shippers in general are insane, not just the IchiRuki fans. They’re all going batshit yet again.

I also just realized they're most likely gonna have to censor Orihime's ridiculous tit window outfit, not to mention all the deaths. This really is gonna be an utter dumpster fire in every way.
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I look forward to seeing the dozens of entirely new, (and totally unrelated to eachother) power sets they give the main character in the new one.
I don't know, this chart is already getting pretty full. Also I don't understand like half of it.


Never forget, Caped Baldy killed more souls than people who have ever existed in history and can create fires hotter than the sun by just unleashing his ultimate power.
Fuck, you got me good with that. I wasn't ready for that level of cringe writing. Stuff like this is why I tapped out on Bleach

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I fell off during the bount arc (I think that was the name) but I'd possibly be willing to give it another try if it's coming back.

Either way, I'm happy to see any anime/manga franchise from the 2000s come back.

It's like I'm really back in the 00s. Better go get some skinny jeans at Hot Topic and try to hit up that goth chick I used to smoke with.
It's embarrassing to admit this but I think I still have some Bleach t shirts purchased at Hot Topic somewhere.

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As being a fithy weeb dengenerate İ be happy with more Bleach! Rule34. But as seeing what a monumental shitshow Bleach had become even before the Thousand Year Arc İ am prepared to be disappointed even on the smut.
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If this adapts the final arc then it'll be hilarious to watch all the apologists come out of the woodworks to pretend everything else about Bleach was perfect and "o-only this arc is bad!11!1".

God Bleach is terrible.


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I can only hope it turns out better than the previous one. That one fell down the shit hole, quality-wise, fast after the... second season? Third? Trying not to recall.


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In one of the interviews he said he invented new characters whenever he hit a roadblock.
That would explain why it had a cast bigger than Legend of the Galactic Heroes.....

I like Shonen series, but I just can't handle any series over 76 episodes long. I just tune out, drop it for awhile, and when I feel like coming back to watch it, I realize that I've forgotten half of what happened in the series. I don't want to have to start again from the beginning, so I just drop it for good.