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  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.


a lunatic just barking at the moon
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No autistic child ever objected to dinosaur tendies. If they do that, you know they're not autistic, they're just tards.
I’d kinda reach that conclusion if they couldn’t eat because of a chair too tbh
I like the idea that their kid is too exceptional to know how to eat.
“Mom, you call this a ‘sandwich’ like I’m supposed to know what the fuck that is.”

Really, the image should age that kid up by about twenty-seven years.


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I wonder if they let Tarrent get mail. I heard that Ted Kaczynski was allowed to talk to people for awhile, even published several essays from prison. I would really like to know what he thinks of this.
He's had correspondence with hundreds of people although he ignores a lot of people too, especially journalists, whom he hates.