Bloodshot - Straight from the 90's to your big screen

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So I don't know how many of you are familiar with the character, so here is a thread on the newest Super hero movie to hit the scenes ! BLOODSHOT ! starring Vin Diesel .
To be fair i'm more familiar so i'm more hopefull. but it is a pg-13 movie about a man who's power is rebuilding himself from getting hurt. so who the fuck knows!
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Devilish Jack o Lantern

z-list super villan .
I read alot of comics in the 90s, bloodshot was decent but x-o manowar was way cooler. Valiant even did a decent run of Captain N: the gamemaster that was better than the tv show.
Yeah I agree about the XO being more cooler than bloodshot . It always had more of an epic feel to it you know . Also I have to add I love quantum and woody now that you got me talking Valiant comics

They made a good choice of giving this a $45 million budget.
They finally learned that Diesel isn't a star and won't make the big money like Johnson and Statham.
That means that even if they make only $150 million worldwide, it's already a success and enough to guarantee a sequel.
That also means that they don't have as much money for effects.
Hopefully, there will be a few polished effect heavy shots and that's it.
I hope it's good, I'm ready for some other comic book companies giving Marvel and DC some competition.

I'm worried because Diesel has negative charisma and needs to have a good supporting cast to work.
Pearce should be good but I don't know any of these other fuckers.


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I know nothing of Bloodshot. So is he like if Deadpool was gritty and serious with no 4th wall humor? Because a movie like that could work, but you’d definitely need to go hard R with it.