Bloodshot - Straight from the 90's to your big screen


Shitty photoshopper
It felt like the Robocop remake, but if it was done well. Just saw it, a decent entertaining film although it feels too brief.

I also believe the trailers gave away too much of the plot.

It had this odd combination of elements that reminded me of a lot of other works, Robocop, Deus Ex HR, Spawn (the limited supply of power), Edge of tomorrow, Elysium and Prototype.

An R rating would have made it better.


Super Pimp
found out about this film yesterday, the reviews seemed decent and going to watch it later today
but I didn't know the movie based off a comic book
and when I collected comic books in the early 90s, I owned few Valiant books
So, looking forward for it

Oh Shit I'm Sorry

Watched it with some friends just to riff on. It was really bad, even the CGI.

Basically Memento but infinitely stupider (and ironic because Guy Pierce is in it[/ISPOILER)]. Having never read the comics I can't speak to how accurate a portrayal it was but definitely wouldn't recommend unless you're really desperate for something for you and your friends to MST3K.