Blue Origin has just launched the final build of the New Sheppard suborbital rocket successfully. -

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Does this matter at all? Or it is just kinda cool for the rich who can afford it?

IMO if you are going to spend the money and risk firey death to go up in a rocket, why would you want to bother with a short suborbital flight? Isn't that kinda like kissing your sister? Why would you NOT want to go into orbit? to go properly into space?

Personally, If I could afford it I'd pay whatever it took to do the Richard Garriott thing, and visit the ISS, and actually LIVE in space for a few weeks, and face it: if you have enough cash to burn that you can kiss off the money for even a suborbital flight, you can probably afford to pay the Russians or eventually SpaceX to do the whole enchilada.