bluspyfromtf2 and how faggots at fa white-knights art tracers. -

this autistic manchild named bluspyfromtf2 from a website called furaffinity is an example of what happens when white knights at fa should not exist in the website. bluspyfromtf2 is one of those art tracers on fa who has gotten away with this due to how faggots at fa would do anything to protect them. if u guys want evidence of his art tracing, here are the links below, from the pictures he posted on furaffinity, to the websites he traced them from:;id=4237778;id=2553324

And here are some screenshots for those that can't access them due to fa's settings not allowing anyone to see nsfw art:

Traced art 1.png

Traced art 2.png

Traced art 3.png

Traced art 4.png

Traced art 5.png

Traced art 6.png

Traced art 7.png

Traced art 8.png

Traced art 9.png

You can also find the art he traced from in the attachments below. he has also shown to be horrible at taking criticism. in fact, hes a completely autistic manchild when it comes to it, as shown below:

Empty death threats are empty.png

if the fa admins got this lolcow removed from the website he wouldn't be in this thread to begin with. but lets face it, its funny to troll and make fun of art tracing manchildren that had gotten away with it now that he still hasnt deleted the traced art.


  • Real art 1.png
    Real art 1.png
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  • Real art 2.png
    Real art 2.png
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  • Real art 3..jpg
    Real art 3..jpg
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  • Real art 4.png
    Real art 4.png
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  • Real art 5.jpg
    Real art 5.jpg
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  • Real art 6.png
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  • Real art 7.png
    Real art 7.png
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  • Real art 8.jpg
    Real art 8.jpg
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