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I mean I can get it if you wanna change your body around a little to make it unique, but paying absurd amounts of money to drill holes through something or cut something off is just fucking dumb. I find people who get those metal horns drilled into their head especially stupid.

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Permanent changes to my body are one of my biggest fears - I even get disappointed when a new scar forms. I guess it's because there's no going back once you've lost a piece or whatever. I know talking about yourself is Powerleveling, but I wonder if at least some of these people have a similar train of thought to mine, only that they get a thrill out of screwing up their appearance instead of being horrified?

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I'm pretty certain that's a different guy. The guy in that interview is apparently French, whereas if you watch any of his more recent videos where he actually talks, it's obvious that Kirk is very much an all-American ass stretcher.
Yes, it's a different guy. In his self-published book of interviews on extreme male genital modifications, MEET TOMMY (nsfl, duh), the late Shannon Larratt wrote,
I interviewed “PLP56” at the height of the “” meme. was a shock image that pre-dated Rickrolling and most viral internet memes, and involved “surprising” someone with an image of a man holding open his gaping, massively stretched rectum. People were constantly asking me if I knew him, and asking me to interview him. While I do believe that the man pictured in this image occasionally submitted pictures to the BME galleries, he wasn’t easy to get in touch with so I ended up interviewing a young French ass stretching enthusiast. This was one of BME’s first published overtly sex-oriented interviews, and is republished here as it was first presented. This was meant to be a light, fun article for a main stream but open-minded audience.