Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman - A Retarded, Oafish, and Obsolete 39 year old Obese Fascist Eugenics-Loving Elitist White Trash Pop Culture Consoomer/Critic/Basement Dweller/Manchild with a Mario, MCU, Asian, & Pedo Fetish Leading us to a Superior Future! Got fired Twice!

Which topic will Creepy Uncle Bob claim to be an expert in next?

  • Animal husbandry

    Votes: 96 8.4%
  • Shoelace manufacturing

    Votes: 14 1.2%
  • Third century Greek sonnets

    Votes: 59 5.2%
  • Camping and wilderness survival

    Votes: 68 6.0%
  • Child psychology

    Votes: 553 48.5%
  • Movies

    Votes: 126 11.1%
  • Bee gynecology and obstetrics

    Votes: 138 12.1%
  • Tractor mechanics

    Votes: 36 3.2%
  • Suggest your own!

    Votes: 33 2.9%
  • Ecology

    Votes: 17 1.5%

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OP was dislodged. Please see @neural's masterpiece about Bobert at the following link:

After all the #GamerGate nonsense, a lot of journalists revealed their true selves. He didn't. He was always the sperg king of the film journalism community. If you don't know who the guy is, Pic Related should give you most info needed. He likes Super Mario Bros 3 a lot. So much he wrote a book on it. Here's a PDF of it if your heart so desires to how spergy movieblob is.!QZZ1mASI!ZwPFuqgJR73vK35Eyx_92JKHC1G60fsBOQnl-T3Z9hM
Here's an excerpt from his book.

He also compares the console wars to vietnam and is heartbroken to find out mayrio isnt from brooklyn.

An interview with someone Bob went to high school with sums him up quite nicely (start at 1:12)
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To be fair, Bob Chipman is alright when he talks about esoteric 80s cartoons, hit-and miss when he criticizes movies, bad when he talks about video games and absolutely unbearable when he advocates social justice. I always thought he was an okay, if extremely nerdy, person till he threw a tantrum over GamerGate. That whole event really brought out the worst in a lot of people. MovieBob demonstrates that quite well: If you want to see a person at his worst listen to him when he thinks he has the moral high ground.

Didn't think he was that much of a jerk.


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Better question would be "Why does Yahtzee have fans?", but that's for a different day.

That being said, why wasn't Chipman not mentioned sooner? I mean that SMB3 book is just full of shit (and not in the egotistical sense either).

The book has tonnes of errors from what I've seen online but they were mostly spelling and grammar related. So by the sounds of things it may have been a self published title.


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This article is great, it actually makes me want to buy the book just to get the gruesome details. :P
MovieBob's views on personal responsibility.

Of course, despite being a morbidly obese 34-year-old man who lives in a fantasy world of toys and delusions, he doesn't count himself among them.


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Although I don't know much about movie bob, I have heard that he thinks Halo is racist, this of course comes from a board on 8chan but I'll leave it here for anyone to decide:
>According to Movie Bob Halo is racist/pro nazi and anti-race mixing Because humans are at war with the multicultural Covenant.
>And Halo has no black characters.
But Halo does have black characters. Johnson is black and marines may randomly be black.
This Movie bob we are talking about. He probably never even brother playing a Halo game or read a halo wiki summary. He also think Halo 4 being release on election day is a conspiracy to keep young people from voting for Obama. He also think Michelle Obama a bigot because she started a campaign against childhood obesity.
Movie Bob wanted obama to declare Martial law in Florida because MUH Trayvon trail did not turn out how he wanted on twitter. Also check out this video. This guy destroy movie Bob Link need to be a woman video.

I'd leave the link but I feel I might get banned due to it being related to a kids horse show sperged by adult. If you want the link, ask me.