Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman - Obese Fascist Eugenics-Loving Elitist Pop Culture Critic with a Mario & MCU Fetish Leading us to a Superior Future!

How will MovieBob react to Captain Marvel's Release?

  • Boycott it until #JamesGunnRehired

    Votes: 4 3.5%
  • Burn his screener copy on camera to protest James Gunn's firing

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • See it once in theaters

    Votes: 4 3.5%
  • See it twice in theaters because he wants to "appreciate Brie's acting".

    Votes: 18 15.8%
  • See it multiple times in theaters then declare it that year's Oscar winner

    Votes: 34 29.8%
  • The above but also declare it a new era in cinema and the cure for his diabetes

    Votes: 47 41.2%
  • Islamic Content (Elaborate in as much graphic detail as humanly possible)

    Votes: 6 5.3%

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Marlon Brando's eyes!
So James Gunn did his first interview since getting rehired and not surprisingly, he has handled this more maturely than Bob.



Prince of filthy weeaboos
So James Gunn did his first interview since getting rehired and not surprisingly, he has handled this more maturely than Bob.

Why did you need to point out that a professional movie director is more mature than a fat diabetic basement dweller?

That's like saying the sky is blue or at least in Blobbo's case, concrete.

Sissy Galvez
So James Gunn did his first interview since getting rehired and not surprisingly, he has handled this more maturely than Bob.

James gunn: “There’s a lot of really positive stuff that’s coming out of all of this, and one of those positives is I was able to learn. People have to be able to learn from mistakes. If we take away the possibility for someone to learn and become a better person, I’m not sure what we are left with. I’ve learned all kinds of things about myself through this process.”

Blobb: kill everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary, they’re irredeemable and irrelevant! Fuck them!

Ralph Barnhardt

I tried that was alright I guess.
The last time I heard anything about it was shortly before Pitts had his little meltdown and left The Escapist.

Speaking of Pitts, he put out this article on Medium the other day. He of course downplays why he really left The Escapist.
I started to go through the Russ Pitts article to see how he's holding up since Bobby boi didn't so much as throw him under the buss but threw it on top of Russ. First impressions are he's far more succinct the Bob could ever hop to be. Beyond that I have no idea because I got to this point and let out a loud bark of laughter.


EDIT: Holy shit. Literally the next paragraph he describes how he self diagnosed himself. He then says that he talked to a therapist and doctor about his "depression and anxiety" because of course Bob's Executive Producer for his work at The Escapist suffers from depression and anxiety.

EDIT: Holier shit....I'm getting the feeling that no one liked Pitts reading through his sob story, assuming that any of this writing is true. His dad was depressed and never talked to Russ. You see, mental illness runs in the family. How far back you ask? Well just look at ol' Grand Pappy Pitts.


Why would such a mentally wounded man such as Russ gravitate towards a sociopath such as Bob I wonder?

Or...maybe...Bob found him?

EDIT: Last one. These are the first three comments. Enjoy.



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The Funnest Part of Gaming is Looting Corpses.
True & Honest Fan
“Progress is for people that agree with me only.”
Ah, Bob? Politicians usually don't win elections by being hostile fatasses who screech about wanting to persecute their political enemies... or at least not in the cities that don't encourage homeless people to shit in their streets.

I see Bob is continuing to have no sense of self-awareness.
View attachment 759998

We also have this gem.
View attachment 760002
If those universities in Brazil are anything like the ones they have here, they're being taught by people who want to holocaust anyone to the right of Josef Stalin. Wanting to dismantle the brainwashing factory teaching your children to hate everything you hold dear is not an act of "stupidity and evil". It's simply declaring that you no longer want your tax dollars funding this process.

Seeing Bob's attitudes about family members across the political divide, it now makes sense why everyone in his immediate circle seems to love him. Anyone who clucked disapprovingly about his choices and opinions was purged from Bob's life long ago. Bob probably spends the majority of his not-tweeting, not-writing time judging people on their mayonnaise ghoul potential and shunting them away from his path. It's going to be a real shock to Bob one day when the Bubble of Protection he's built around himself bursts and people he didn't vet start to intrude into his life and make trouble for him. (People like law enforcement personnel, friends of his niece, people he stands next to in line and--if I ever get my wish --a group of conservative Veteran biker gang members overhearing Bob drunkenly talking shit about America at a bar.)

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