Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman - Obese Fascist Eugenics-Loving Elitist Pop Culture Critic with a Mario & MCU Fetish Leading us to a Superior Future!

How will MovieBob react to Captain Marvel's Release?

  • Boycott it until #JamesGunnRehired

    Votes: 4 3.5%
  • Burn his screener copy on camera to protest James Gunn's firing

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • See it once in theaters

    Votes: 4 3.5%
  • See it twice in theaters because he wants to "appreciate Brie's acting".

    Votes: 18 15.8%
  • See it multiple times in theaters then declare it that year's Oscar winner

    Votes: 34 29.8%
  • The above but also declare it a new era in cinema and the cure for his diabetes

    Votes: 47 41.2%
  • Islamic Content (Elaborate in as much graphic detail as humanly possible)

    Votes: 6 5.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

Which is odd because Hbomberguy doesnt really agree with him politically and has made several comments snarking at the guy. Off coarse being Hbomber he downplays his distaste but it's pretty obvious looking at any tweet of his about Bawb.
I also really don't think Bob is 'their sort of people' anyway.
What ever gave you the idea that Hbomberguy doesn't like Bob? Nothing but praise and is the first in line to bask in the glory of Superiority.



Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"
When I first learned about bob, a long time ago, and read his intelligence = goodness tweets
I instantly wondered about the nazis, and their high iq scores (from 110 to a 140 or so)

about six months ago I learned that apparently he is dismissive about IQ as a measurement so I don't know how exactly he calculates who is smart and who isn't, aside from "clinton-democrat = good, republican = bad"

Intelligence is the most important thing and the most virtuous thing, but not IQ tests because black people suck at them and would mean all black people are evil.

A Big Bumbling Black Man

never forget your vest in the gangster kitchen
Intelligence is the most important thing and the most virtuous thing, but not IQ tests because black people suck at them and would mean all black people are evil.
We all know if Bob tried to create an IQ test it would include pop culture questions like the name of the girl Mario saves in Donkey Kong, and you'd get marked wrong if you gave the correct answer (Pauline) instead of Peach.
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Obama chuckled. "You mean the chaos emeralds?"


Gay Niggers from Ultra Space
That's the only idea he's had in that post that isn't completely insane. He should go outside with a shovel and do it.
That would involve getting off his ass/Twitter. Bob is a legitimate addict of social media and has wrapped his entire worldview around the “importance” of him pissing into the wind online about how everyone who disagrees with him deserves to be killed. Albeit he’s nutless enough to phrase it in a way that gives him plausible deniability on the “killed” part, usually by vagueposting about how blue collar whites need to SOMEHOW be deprived of the ability to influence the trajectory of the nation because they keep caring about jobs and manufacturing instead of beer and capeshit cinema.

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