Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman - A 39 year old Obese Fascist Eugenics-Loving Elitist Pop Culture Consoomer/Critic/Basement Dweller with a Mario & MCU Fetish Leading us to a Superior Future!

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  • Getting roasted by other lefties due to his genocidal insanity

  • Learning to code

  • Learning Mandarin Chinese

  • Poisoning himself with his cooking

  • Getting fired from The Escapist

  • Losing his legs to diabetes

  • Registering an account on Kiwi Farms

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True & Honest Fan
>The year is 2220, Two hundred years after a nuclear war brought on by the reelection of the great orange Satan
>The country once known as America has been left in ruins, with small bands of survivors squabbling over territory and resources. The lack of movie reviews and 'geek culture' commentary has driven neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother; reduced humanity to a state of savagery.
>Thankfully small bastions of civilization remain in the form of Disney vaults. Here the old ways of Disney princesses and the MCU are preserved. Before the fall every American city had been blessed with one of these underground fallout shelters.
>In Disney vault 111, situated below the ruins of Boston, all is well until their food replicator breaks

Only tweaks I'd make is I'm a continuity whore so I'd probably place it in an area near Fallout 4's map, make it a dude who was really into Hubris Comics adventure serials, and other stuff that would be too detailed for the sake of a joke, Could totally work with this vault guy have a broken perception of reality.

Jet Fuel Johnny

Full Metal Sperg
True & Honest Fan
“Homeland Security are a bunch of meanies!”
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I guess you add the function of DHS to things Bob doesn't understand.

The fact that he thinks that it was created solely to handle bin Laden and should have been shut down when a cave dwelling diabetic porn addict was shot in the face shows just how dumb he is about how government works.


I guess you add the function of DHS to things Bob doesn't understand.

The fact that he thinks that it was created solely to handle bin Laden and should have been shut down when a cave dwelling diabetic porn addict was shot in the face shows just how dumb he is about how government works.
This helps illustrates just how down the hole our education system has gone.


Un, deux, trois, dit miroir noir
Does anyone else find his use of the term “my future” interesting? This isn’t the first time he’s used it, and it’s usually in reference to those he doesn’t like “denying it” for him.

For example he referred to Julian Assange doing “violence towards [his] future” and “backwards scum threatening [his] future” in reference to people who supported Trump (or at least he believes supported him) and played a role in getting him elected.

Is this just another term for the Superior Future he always prattles on about? If so it’s very telling about what an egotistical, self-centered, delusional prick he is for thinking that his future should entail a Star Trek-esque utopia, and that having the right political beliefs means that he deserves it and those who vote differently from him are denying him that right.
Bob reeks of the sort of nhillistic sociopathy from someone who expected a future of plenty, unlimited leisure, all "villains" in mass graves, and unlimited access to all of life's luxuries and freedom from work, bills, having to deal with people with different opinion. But is now middle aged, like someone who grew up in the 50s and expected flying cars and space colonies by 1999 and utopia uber alles but grew up jaded by the lack of delivery on the promises of the big tech as it existed in the 50s/60s and realized, even if we did win the Cold War, it didn't bring world peace and just left a vacuum for worse bad guys to come along in the form of Islamic terrorism.

Bob wants Star Trek Next Generation by way of Wall-E; but instead he got pre-"Cylons kill everyone in the Colonies" Battlestar Galactica. And rather than admitting to life not being far and acknowledging science fiction as fiction, he blames everyone he hates for "denying" him his future he feels was his birthright via pop culture brainwashing.


Bob thinks that being anti-globalism is inherently anti-semitic but he also thinks international socialism is inherently anti-semitic. He truly is a special boy.

Also I feel so uncomfortable looking at his Twitter picture. How does someone so fat have such sunken cheeks? Its like he's eaten so much fried food that its created a singularity in his gut thats sucking his face down towards it.

Pol Pots Pooter
Wait, isn’t Louisiana a red state, which you hate?
He's saying "dear god no" because of all the black people in the state and that he premied while masturbating to the news.

NAFTA tweet.
Oh, this fat motherfucker. Had to walk away lest I go to Twitter and put the shit for brains on full blast.

NAFTA finished what the debt crisis started by putting the Mexican economy into full tail-spin, and caused a massive economic refugee crisis, that hit mainly indigineous and mestizos, that's the cause of our current immigration problems. Meanwhile it basically gutted anything remotely resembling environmental protections which has led the border to become one massive brownfield dotted with sweatshops. It takes a very special, very stupid, very amoral, very repugnant class of person on the left to defend NAFTA.

Bob only pretends to care for LA is because it's full of blacks. If a catastrophe happened in Alabama the dude would be jacking off and tweeting how it's some karmatic thing for being Trump country.
Has he said anything about other red states getting hit by deadly natural disasters?
(Also sidenote: I am from LA so pray for me/wish me luck/whatever the fuck you do that I get through this)