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Bodega SaltNeolibs from google try to change Bodegas into vending machines

Discussion in 'Salt Mine' started by muina, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. [​IMG]
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  2. Isn't that just an oversized vending machine? What's going on here?
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  3. [​IMG]
    Spencer-like rhetoric
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  4. I've never heard anyone call a cornerstore a bodega. #whitey
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  5. REEEEEEEE GENTRIFICATION I screech from my apartment in the neighborhood I helped gentrify.
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  6. They complain about POCs losing jobs (why are their jobs any more important than anyone else's?) and ignore that one of the two creators of this marvel of human ingenuity is one.
    Maybe he should invent a revolutionary portable waste removal plumbing system?

    Anyone with a blue checkmark should shut up about gentrification. To be that narcissistic means you have to be pretty comfortable with your way of life.
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  7. The corner stores will die out eventually, so vending machines are the future. These stores only seem to exist in major cities, but thanks to the aggressive regulation of those cites I don't see them being able to exist for much longer.

    Soda Taxes are a good example of this, in the cities that implemented them the mom-pop stores, their talking about, are closing due being unable to compete.

    All the upper middle class twitter users who whine all day on twitter are clearly the majority of bodega costumers.
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    Also Baizou: p-please don't make brown people obsolete with a glorified vending machine
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  9. Near me I saw a sign for "Soandso's Bodega" and was very disappointed to find out it was a sit-down restaurant.
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  10. http://lifehacker.com/bodega-represents-whats-wrong-with-tech-funding-but-1806113108

    Anyway, how is that thing any different from all the vending machines that have existed, you know, for literally hundreds of years?

    If the point is to actually compete with stores, good luck with that. Unless the box is stocked daily, it'll run empty very quickly of the most wanted items, causing people to do their shopping elsewhere. You can't also utilize economies of scale properly with that thing: every item has to be manually placed into the machine. With such a large variety of products, it's going to be a slow, inefficient process, even worse than with regular vending machines.

    There's a reason why big-box stores dominate the market: they usually have stuff in stock, and are very cost-effective. Unless they manage to create a way to stock those boxes automatically, the business model is not really viable.

    Additionally, unless the machine is in a guarded area, it's going to get smashed and robbed pretty quickly. Regular vending machines are sturdy as hell, and there's a reason why the product is dropped to the tray instead of having an opening door.
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  11. Is 'gentrification' just the minority version of 'dey terk er jerbs!'
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  12. real niggers just call it an a-rab
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  13. The less humans that I have to interact with when I buy my condoms and Swedish Fish, the better.
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  14. This.

    Anywhere I've lived where the main way to shop within walking distance is these little stores (and where I have generally shopped at at least one or two of them every single day) is a pretty rough area and all of the owners are armed, sometimes heavily armed. You do not fuck with these guys.

    A glorified vending machine, especially one full of all kinds of electronics, is not going to last a night. They're not only going to bust it open and steal everything in it, they're going to rip it down for parts and steal those, too, then wreck the rest because fuck these things.

    Also there's just always going to be a market for somewhere you can walk in drunk at 3 in the morning and get a hot sandwich. Some shitty vending machine isn't going to replace that.

    This isn't quite as bad as Juicero in terms of pure stupidity, but portraying it as anything original or innovative is bullshit. It's a fucking vending machine. Big deal.

    The stupid part is these tone-deaf idiots literally advertised it as destroying jobs. It's not like the twitter loons invented that.
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  15. Should I be mad at white men for making POCs pick cotton or for taking jobs away from POCs by inventing cotton picking machines? :\
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  16. That's literally every "disruptor" startup. New ideas are gone, so they just reinvent old ones, where people get paid less/replaced by robots.
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  17. i've got a strange feeling that most of the people complaining have never been 50 miles near a bodega
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  18. "Does Starbucks in the strip mall count as a bodega?"
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  19. But if all the shitty ethnic mom and pop stores go out of business how will I be able to seem cool and culturally enriched by knowing where to find the good brown people food?

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