Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams - Fat, Rapidly Declining Divorced "Nice Guy" Middle-Aged Youtuber, Former Edgy Porn Blogger

What will Boogie's fate be?

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  • Arrested, gets slammed with major sentence, becomes Boogie1488 in prison

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  • Dies in violent shootout with the law

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His success seems to have been a mixture of luck and his wife's contributions, both writing and acting, to Francis sketches. Even his weightloss was the easy way out and he's been bouncing back from that, albeit slowly.
Boogie is a piece of shit. Just look at his older videos. He likely manipulated his wife. I don't think he ever thought about the weight loss surgery, until he did. It was then that he likely planned to divorce her ; use whores for sex; eat whatever he wanted (because he is an idiot). However this did not pan out. Boogie revealed his true colours and many so through the veil. The only one's left are his most loyal fans. His end will be enjoyably tragic.

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True & Honest Fan
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I do find it strange that here Boogie is admitting to his supposed fear of being murdered by the police that are dispatched to his home for routine welfare checks. After all, it was Steven who claimed that IRL he is boys with the guys over at Fayetteville PD. So much so that he actually had a contract in writing with them that stated any and all police responses to his home will never be formally recorded in the private or public police dispatch logs, a contract that Kiwi's here researched and found to actually be illegal under Arkansas law. Also something that historically has never been done before. Sam and Tolki posters who called Fayetteville PD inquiring about these supposed contracts were met with confusion from the PD and told that they do not exist and that they also have never, and never will be a thing.

If a contract between Boogie and Fayetteville PD like that exists and proactively protects him from the trigger happy right wing death squads around the corner at the police station, I wonder where this irrational fear of his comes into play when he's suicide baiting online to an audience of (formerly) millions. Huh.
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I do find it strange that here Boogie is admitting to his supposed fear of being murdered by the police that are dispatched to his home for routine welfare checks. After all, it was Steven who claimed that IRL he is boys with the guys over at Fayetteville PD. So much so that he actually had a contract in writing with them that stated any and all police responses to his home will never be formally recorded in the private or public police dispatch logs, a contract that Kiwi's here researched and found to actually be illegal under Arkansas law. Also something that historically has never been done before. Sam and Tolki posters who called Fayetteville PD inquiring about these supposed contracts were met with confusion from the PD and told that they do not exist and that they also have never, and never will be a thing.

If a contract between Boogie and Fayetteville PD like that exists and proactively protects him from the trigger happy right wing death squads around the corner at the police station, I wonder where this irrational fear of his comes into play when he's suicide baiting online to an audience of (formerly) millions. Huh.
That begs the question, who does he fear more? Frank or the big bad boys in the blue? Its just another fucking dumb, fake ass opinion he wants to vomit on Twitter for cope/asspats/feel points. No one is coming to this sack of shits house to murder him. The only person who poses the greatest threat to Boogies health, is Boogie himself, and he is oblivious to the fact.

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"I too, am at risk of police violence. Have I mentioned I have haters that call the police on me just in hopes that I die?"
-Boogie, finding a way to turn everything about his eternal victimhood.

So while he's not busy making the Chauvin verdict about his own sorry state of affairs, someone challenged Boogie on his claim that people were SWATting him in hopes he got shot by an officer.
Boogie caller fake.PNG
The Youtube linked is the police cam of his "SWAT", where two officers tap on his door while he's away then have a chat with his roommate Chad. The caller audio is also on this video and it sounds like a concerned fan. Remember Boogie was openly "suicidal" at the time and would go to bed and post cryptic suicide threats to twitter and make suggestive comments on twitch about killing himself.

So, now Boogie is claiming:
  1. This person is an actor
  2. This person was one of the most frequent posters on SamandTolki
That's a lot to claim on just having audio of a concerned caller. How does he know this person is SamandTolki? His follow-up is even better.

Boogie search the archive.PNG

Just search the archive! Maybe it's in there. Or maybe not. No Boogie, the default is not to believe outlandish claims if you can't back them up. There's nothing in the archive because someone boasting about this call does not exist in the archive. Also, Boogie takes the time to make sure you understand it ultimately doesn't matter anyway because he has had a half dozen very very real calls from an actual abuser calling the police!

And, if you didn't catch it, Boogie just changed the conversation from the person who called, to the person who did a Public Access Request and obtained this footage and posted this video. Is he claiming they are one and the same? On what evidence? That person didn't claim as much, he was just doing some detective work while Boogie was claiming cops were showing up to his house guns drawn and claiming the callers were telling the police he was armed and dangerous (another lie courtesy of the obtained audio).

Also, as a bonus, Boogie "All Cops Are Bastards" 2988 wants to let you know that he is going to have Frank Hassle arrested the next time he is in his state.
Boogie we will get him.PNG
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The police don’t have any gun capable of piercing Boogie’s fat and the only chance of emergency services killing boogie is if the crane snaps while they are lifting him out of the house after his inevitable heart attack.

imagine if he actually shot Frank on his property thinking he had castle doctrine law on his side, and was charged with 2nd degree murder or manslaughter.

Can you imagine him in jail? Ha, holy fuck what a storyline that would have been


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imagine if he actually shot Frank on his property thinking he had castle doctrine law on his side, and was charged with 2nd degree murder or manslaughter.

Can you imagine him in jail? Ha, holy fuck what a storyline that would have been
He would cry so fucking hard, beg and have any fucking idiot online giving him money cause "hes a sad boi" and make Chad get another mortgage on the house so he could sit his fat ass comfortably out of jail as the trial rolls around and do his usual online as if fucking nothing happened. He would possibly work the hardest he has ever in his entire life to make sure he would never be in jail, away from his hugbox.

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New Boogie sock puppet account just dropped.

Once again, Boogie is using sock puppet / alt accounts to defend himself from critics, worship him, and lie on his behalf. I'd like to circle back to a post I made here a week ago also identifying and highlighting Boogie's recent increase in his blatantly obvious usage of sock puppet accounts. The post I'm linking below has a lot of solid details involved if clicked.

A few pages back this thread was highlighting Boogie's insane habit of creating sock puppet accounts (most notably on Twitter and Tik Tok) and following the same script of asking him questions that always have the sole intent of 1) making him look good and 2) making his critics look bad. It's one of Steven's favorite attempts at influencing the narrative around him and doing whatever he can to grab as little control back as possible.



This new alt account that he is using is @nocturnalwalrus on Twitter. This account registered this month (April '21 for future historians) and first Tweeted on April 6th. "She" has only one actual Tweet, it said "Peace and Love <3". Besides that, all of this account's activity is strictly replies to one account in particular...@Boogie2988. "She" has Tweeted a total of 24 times. Outside of the "Peace and Love" Tweet, they have all entirely been only replies to Boogie himself. Huh.

I'd first like to dive into this account's following list, which offers good information where there is otherwise not much to go off of. In doing so, I'll compare their following list to two other Twitter accounts which have since been confirmed to be two of Boogie's alt accounts that he uses to defend himself from a third party position against the haters. These two accounts specifically are "@Clair19768193" and "@Chastican1", I reference both of these in my previous post which I have linked above.

Their following list is identical to the two other alt accounts that Boogie uses, down to what order they even followed these specific accounts in. They are also identical to another Boogie alt which is not pictured below, but also confirmed to be him, "@BoogieFan3".

boogie alt 6.png

I really like how generic the @nocturnalwalrus account is. Anyone who is even vaguely familiar with Boogie knows just how desperate he is for validation from the LGBT+ crowd after having a meltdown telling gays to fuck off. He constantly is going on about how he invested in Magic The Gathering stores which are "LGBT safe spaces" and even publicly came out as a gay furry in summer '19 hoping to get a slight amount of positive attention from them. His "gays can fuck off and don't need gay marriage" rant was one of the first times he received widespread criticism from all angles, including many in his industry at the time, and it resulted in a category 5 spergout from him that KiwiFarms will never forget.

The header image is so generic looking that it's actually hilarious. Tell me, are gays so bland, uncreative, and boring that they'd just do a 2 second google search for "gay flag" and slap that on and call it a day? The bio on this account reads "Marvel movies, Pokémon, LGBTQ+, Gamer, she/her" which is also hilarious. Boogie constantly says that this is his exact dream girl. He really, really wants his fans to see this sock puppet account of his in his Twitter replies/mentions and assume that they must be romantically involved in some kind of way. No retards, it's Boogie LARPING.


Tonight, Boogie was virtually signaling about the guilty verdict for Chauvin. When doing so, someone in his replies brought up the time that Boogie received two different welfare checks that were called in from concerned fans after he was streaming on Twitch and making serious threats of self harm and acting on his suicidal thoughts. This post is just highlighting his sock puppet account activity, but here's a little more background.

These were real, genuine calls made by literal children to the Fayetteville Police Department. They were not trolls, critics, or posters on here or Sam and Tolki. I only found out about this @nocturnalwalrus sock puppet tonight because when evidence against his lies were pointed out by a stranger, Boogie lied and tried convincing his dwindling audience of retards that NO, it was actually the evil, serial harassing trolls on Sam and Tolki who called in those FAKE SWAT attempts welfare checks. They seriously must have used a voice changer, because like I said, these calls were made by children. This was at a time when Boogie was far more well liked across the internet, and hadn't yet weaponized fake suicidal thoughts to silence his critics. The threats and words he was using on stream could no doubt scare the fuck out of his young fans, and that is exactly what happened.

Here is a link to the bodycam footage from the officers performing the welfare checks, and also the audio recordings of the 9-1-1 calls that were placed by scared children worried Boogie was going to kill himself after threatening to on stream for two hours.

Listen to the following clip. This was one of the 911 calls from the video above, placed on July 11th, 2019 at 7:25 P.M. In the following screenshots I'll include, Boogie is seriously implying that the person calling here is actually a dedicated Sam and Tolki / KiwiFarms troll who only placed this call to get Steven SWAT-ed and, in his words, "get suicide machines (cops) sent to my door to kill me". He said that in a later video talking about the encounter. Keep that in mind, I'd recommend watching the full vid above if you get the chance. It is equally sad and hilarious.

Screenshots / References

The original Twitter exchange featuring Steven's virtue signaling.

Boogie's response and some Twitter rando linking to the welfare check video on YouTube.

Boogie seething in reply. Also, nocturnalwalrus makes an appearance.

This above screenshot is why I made this post. That child on the 911 call was a random child who was a fan of Boogie scared he was about to kill himself. He was not a troll and if you listen to it you will hear that for yourself. Nocturnalwalrus is obviously lying, and it's beyond obvious "she" is a Boogie sock puppet account.

Boogie is playing on the ignorance of the dwindling fans he has on Twitter. He knows they were not Sam and Tolki regulars, that most didn't even watch the video linked, and that they will always take his side. So he uses a sock puppet account to say "Hey! I saw that troll (scared child) on Reddit bragging about that 911 call! He wasn't a scared kid, he was actually a genius troll trying to SWAT you and get you killed!".

For good measure, the account implies that it's those same trolls who are "spinning the narrative" about Boogie when it is literally his own words and actions that they (we) are actively documenting. Boogie is once again...lying and using sock puppet accounts.

Tweets from @nocturnalwalrus (lol)




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I do find it strange that here Boogie is admitting to his supposed fear of being murdered by the police that are dispatched to his home for routine welfare checks. After all, it was Steven who claimed that IRL he is boys with the guys over at Fayetteville PD. So much so that he actually had a contract in writing with them that stated any and all police responses to his home will never be formally recorded in the private or public police dispatch logs, a contract that Kiwi's here researched and found to actually be illegal under Arkansas law. Also something that historically has never been done before. Sam and Tolki posters who called Fayetteville PD inquiring about these supposed contracts were met with confusion from the PD and told that they do not exist and that they also have never, and never will be a thing.

If a contract between Boogie and Fayetteville PD like that exists and proactively protects him from the trigger happy right wing death squads around the corner at the police station, I wonder where this irrational fear of his comes into play when he's suicide baiting online to an audience of (formerly) millions. Huh.
Steven is probably one of if not the most pathetic cow in existence for this reason. He's like an autistic teenager trapped in a 40 some year old obese body, entirely motivated by what others think of him, with no internal drive to actually learn or come to his own conclusions. He only takes an interest on issues when he thinks he can ride a wave of popular opinion and score brownie points. The problem with that is, as we've discovered in this thread, is that people without genuine convictions crack, and are easily exposed as frauds because they don't even have the care to educate themselves properly on their own grift.

He only values attention because it gratify's him more than food. If his love for food surpassed his love for attention he would just be another obese loser slowly eating himself to death.


One of the main reasons Boogie is despised by a large portion of the online community is his lack of accountability. Nothing is ever Boogie's fault. If he said something controversial, it was a joke...or he never said it...or he didn't mean it. In fact there's a meme which perfectly summarizes Boogie:


I could end the post there, but that's a little bit too simplistic. There are hundreds, probably thousands of examples of Boogie dodging responsibility for things that he said or did. If he even remotely takes the blame for something, it is quickly followed by an excuse or a "but".

Upon prepping for this post, I found that this topic overlaps with other topics that I wanted to dive into in the future. These include Boogie being a hypocrite, whining about the haters and his many, many webs of lies. It seems that all paths lead to Boogie dodging responsibility in some way, shape or form. Let's take a look.


If you were to ask Boogie why the online community turned on him, he will give you several different answers. Usually they consist of "I said some stupid stuff" which is then followed by Boogie pinning the blame on his haters.

Here is a perfect example:

Notice how he spends roughly 5-10 seconds on appearing to take responsibility before spending the remainder of the video blaming a hater/the haters.

A different example is this very cringey TikTok where Boogie blames his divorce for turning him into "human garbage" and therefore lowering the public's opinion of him:

(You were "beloved" for your fake personality. It must sting to have the masses rejecting the real you)

Yes, Boogie implies here that his divorce turned him into human garbage. Never mind the series of events that typically lead up to a divorce with the #1 problem being an unhappy spouse who can't stand being in the marriage any longer.

I'm sure that his wife didn't divorce him because she was totally happy in the marriage. Clearly actions or inactions on Boogie's behalf are what lead to the marriage breakdown.

Boogie being human garbage? Nah, that was his divorce that made him that way. Perhaps being a good husband would've helped avoid this.

Oh yeah and just to prove that the previous video wasn't a one off, Boogie quite literally posted this TikTok as I was writing this post:

Again, it depends what day you get Boogie on. One day he'll blame his divorce for everything:

Divorce and Gastric bypass ruined my career.jpg

And then other days he will shift the target onto "the internet" for his woes:

Divorce changed me. Internet kicked me when I was down.png

Going back to the very first video in my post: When Boogie refers to the "stupid things that he said which got him cancelled", what he is referring to are the following incidents:

- "Gay marriage should wait 20 years"
- "My haters are worse than rapists and nazis"
- "That's a lot of money for a person of color"
- "You come from a broken home because your parents divorced"
- "Some good came from the holocaust"
- Laughing at his ex dying of cancer

(So basically anything that Christopher Tom covered in his Boogie video)

Below, I am going to go into further detail about these events and detail Boogie's reaction to the fall out of each one.

Boogie says that these incidents are what got him cancelled, however he never took full responsibility or apologized for any of them:


After being called out for his gay marriage comments on the h3h3 Podcast, Boogie has since claimed to be bisexual to pander to LGBTQ community:

1Boogie comes out  1.png

1Boogie comes out  2.png

("i'Ve aLwAyS BeeN Bi!!!!")

This is contrary to earlier videos of Boogie's where he admits to being completely straight:

(Why does he say "sorry" at the end? Just because some is asking about your sexuality, doesn't mean that they're into you)

Of course he made sure to play his ace up the sleeve first: The Suicide Card:

Verdict: Just wants the SJWs off his case, willing to go as far as lying about his sexuality. Doesn't actually care about the LGBTQ community.


By the way, here's the stream comment that sent Boogie into this tangent:


Actual video is here:

After making the "rapists and nazis" comments on livestream, Boogie doubled down, then tripled down on his thoughts:

Nazis double down.png

After relentless criticism, Boogie then backpedaled to get everyone off his case (I love it how he wishes for it all to be over in the final part of the tweet):


Okay, so Boogie "misspoke". He spent an entire evening misspeaking apparently. Okay, so let's just roll with that poor excuse, right? Wrong. It wouldn't be a Boogie controversy without him later retconning what actually happened:

Rapists and nazis I was having a mental breakdown!.png

("Thanks for the reminder I guess" - Only Boogie could play victim in this scenario)


So him calling rapists and nazis more redeemable than his haters? That was just a mental breakdown. Him saying something stupid? Not possible. And uh, yeah he was still having a mental breakdown when he got off stream later and logged onto Twitter. Being a responsible adult and walking away from the internet was not an option. And also don't bring this incident up with Boogie because it makes him sad.
Verdict: Not Boogie's fault, it was his mental health.


Boogie has come up with countless excuses and lies for his "person of color" comments. This is possibly the most obvious case of him bullshitting as the story here changes several times.

Before going any further, I just to highlight why this incident in particular triggers Boogie. It may be easy to forget (especially for someone like me who wasn't very big into the YouTube community) but Boogie used to be a big deal. So much so that a fucking news article was run when his comments resurfaced:

0NEW ARTICLE (not a contradiction btw).png

So how does Boogie respond to this controversy?

1 Dumb joke I made.jpg

That is actually almost the perfect response. Who gives a fuck? It was a dumb joke. Unfortunately for Boogie his previous reputation as the internet "nice guy" and "guy who marched for black rites" is why it's such a controversial incident. Even more unfortunate for Booger is the fact that he can't keep his stories straight:

2 Actually chat said that.jpg

Someone calls Boogie out after he blamed the joke on chat and he claims that he misremembered things, but who cares anyway:

4 Uh well that's how i remembered it.png
Well, the chat excuse would almost work if it wasn't the for how quickly Boogie responded to the donation. HaberdasherA from Sam & Tolki did a very indepth analysis of the whole thing:

Eagle-eyed readers may have also noticed this:


It was a dumb joke that he made, but it was also a joke that chat made if you were to ask him on a different day.

The lies and excuses don't stop there though, because here's the best one he saved for this controversy:


So we have many excuses for this incident:

- He was reading a joke from chat
- He remembered it wrong but who cares
- It was a joke to show how people of color are oppressed
Verdict: Not Boogie's fault, it was his chat's fault or it was a misinterpreted joke.


I believe the context of this Apex Legends clip is that Boogie was meant to be trolling a teammate who wasn't in on the joke. I haven't seen any clips leading up to this incident, so I'm never entirely sure what the deal is with this clip. Either way, Boogie still gets triggered over it and accepts no responsibility for what was said:

1Apex Legends getting called out.png

Joke taken out of context.png

He does actually apologize in those tweets. He apologizes if you got offended. This is also known as the "I'm sorry you feel that way" non-apology.

And there isn't a bigger tell that Boogie's been triggered by an incident than him straight up mentioning it out of blue:

1FUCKING SNOWFLAKES (upset over batman clip).PNG

(Man who fake cries on stream over being called "Boogie1488" calls people snowflakes)

He may be referring to the Sam & Tolki Megathread here, but he's likely whining about the Apex Legends clip again:

1Cancel Culture.png

Actually, he probably was talking about the Apex Legends clip:

They thought I was bullying a kid on Apex.png

(Yeah Boogie, people were terrified that you were going to cut women's vaginas open with a scalpel. Amazing how exaggerates every controversy)

So did Boogie ever apologize to the kid for his comments on stream?

Its an absurd joke.png

I mean, of course not. Boogie did nothing wrong. It was just a joke and you should all know that Boogie was joking, idiots.

Verdict: Not his fault, it was just a joke.


These comments sound bad no matter the context. So does Boogie apologize for saying a really shitty thing?

Explaining cancer joke.png

TLDR: Boogie claims that joking about double cancer was an inside joke between the two of them.

He later backed this claim up on Reddit and got downvoted into oblivion (probably why he hates Reddit tbh):

Reddit defense (cancer comments).png

There is certainly no hint of a joke when Boogie makes these comments and as you can tell from the reaction of some of the other people in the Skype call, they certainly didn't take it as a joke either.

I would love further context for the beginning of that clip because he says "fuck her" in a very dismissive way. Certainly no way to talk about someone who you're sad to have lost.

Verdict: This was an inside joke between him and his dead ex-girlfriend and everyone took it out of context.


In a lame attempt to be seen as the ultimate centrist, Boogie comes out and says that nothing is black and white and that some good came from the holocaust. A very low IQ thing to say if don't want to stir up drama, which is exactly what Boogie got. How does Boogie respond?






It was out of context! Of course it was out of context. I'm wondering in what context his comments could ever be consider okay. Either way, as you can see from his last tweet, Boogie does apologize for what he said. However, he does begin that tweet with a mention of context (an attempt to deflect responsibility).

You may have also noticed that Boogie says that he was "taught to find silver linings in the worst parts of history" during history class in school. This is the excuse that he rolls with moving forward:

Blames teacher.png

Is he really sorry for what he said? Of course not. You don't start an apology off by saying "well, I was taken out of context but I am sorry". To then later blame his history teacher and not take ownership of his bad take says it all really.

Verdict: Not Boogie's fault, comments were taken out of context. Was also his history teacher who taught him that belief.


So when Boogie says "I said some stupid things", just know that he isn't sorry for any of them and doesn't see anything wrong with what he said. These examples above should be more than enough proof of that.

It's nothing more than a blanket statement to make it look like he's accepting some level of responsibility. The fact that Boogie always immediately shifts the next part of his explanation on his detractors shows that he doesn't think he's done anything wrong.

If there's something that's inherently apparent when you check Boogie's Twitter feed, it's that the guy clearly has no friends. Not according to Boogie though. Boogie's busy dating and smashing pussy on the regular and he's also got all of these friends who have all these amazing occupations:

He's got a "cop friend":

Cop friend 2.png
Cop friend.png

Cop Friend (Hassle Shooting).png

He's got a "friend at the FBI":


He's got a "lawyer friend":

(Amazing how many lies he squeezes into two sentences while also dropping a reminder that he's mentally ill)

He's got a sex worker friend:


He's got a retired YouTuber friend:

Retired YouTuber friend.png

He's got a friend called "Greg" who TEXTS Boogie all the negative things that anti-Boogie Twitter profiles say about him:

A friend of mine texted me about Boogie Twitter accounts.png


It seems like Boogie has a lot of friends. I'm so glad that some of them are so dedicated to their friendship that they'd let Boogie know when someone shit talks him.

Boogie also definitely 100% ABSOULTELY has a therapist:

My therapist says they have no life.jpg



Lied for parents. 2017 spoke out. Therapists idea.png

25 Dez not allowed Sammy - Copy.png

Trolls are racist because i majde a racist joke.png

(Some of the most retarded shit he's ever spewed)

And he also used to have a social media guy:

Social media guy!.jpg


But he had to quit. Good thing he did, sounds like the poor guy was traumatized:

Social Media Guy - Had to quit bc $$$.png

Now this may come as shock to you....but none of these people exist! Yes that's right, if you look back at any of these examples and replace "friend" with "I", "me", "my", then you have a version closer to the truth.

- Boogie says that his cop friend told him it's okay to open fire at Frank Hassle if he comes to his house? Well, that's what Boogie wants to convince his audience of. The truth is, Boogie wants to do this thing which he knows is wrong, so he lies to audience and says that an expert gave him the green light to do so.

- "I have a friend at the FBI who says that I should expose the Sam & Tolki subreddit" - Translation: "I want to expose the Sam & Tolki subreddit"

- "My lawyer friend told me to get a recording of me consenting to have sex with someone" - Translation: I am very insecure about the lack of sex that I have and feel the need to casually mention that I totally do have sex. The same applies for his "sex worker friend" tweet.

- His retired YouTuber friend calling him relevant is Boogie telling himself that he's still relevant.

- Boogie's "therapist" is another professional scapegoat used in a similar way to his "cop friend" and "FBI friend". "She has a theory that my haters are clout chasing kids". Also him using the "therapist" card for his flip flopping between using the terms "rape" and "molestation" is the same as him blaming his history teacher for his holocaust comments.

One of his Twitter followers actually called him out on his "therapist" claims:

do u really see a therapist.jpg

- Boogie's "social media guy" was used as a cover when Boogie was frequently deleting negative comments on his videos and blocking people on social media. "What? I'm not doing that! That's my social media guy lol. I couldn't care what's written about me".

Boogie has also used the cover of employees to avoid criticism in the past. Here's him not only blaming his age (he was in his 30's when he made these blogs), but also pinning the blame on this supposed "team" that he used to work with:

Porn blog - My team wrote that.jpg

When confronted by Frank Hassle about his porn blog, Boogie claimed that he "employed several people" who worked on the blog:

(But Boogie, you said you were living in poverty back then. How could you afford employees?)

Note: The posts which Boogie has been criticized over from his blogging days were all signed off under Boogie's account:



Oh, and that "friend" who sends Boogie texts when something negative is written about him? Well that's just Boogie trying his hardest to not admit to checking what Kiwifarms, Reddit, Twitter & other websites have to say about him.

He knows that if he admits to seeking these threads out that his fans will tell him to stop checking and then he can't farm full sympathy from his original victim tweet. Here's what Boogie really means but knows what response he'll get:


Boogie Fan: "Stop checking those accounts Boogie, it's not doing your mental health any good."

Compare that to what he really tweeted:


Boogie Fan: "Wow Boogie that's really pathetic. I'm sorry that you have to put up with these losers every single day."

Boogie fans aren't entirely stupid (they are mostly stupid though) and they do often give Boogie good advice to get off social media. In turn, Boogie has had to adapt with his pity-seeking ways:

Notice how he throws the "friend" word around again? He means his critics. He's talking about Sam & Tolki and/or Kiwifarms.

You can also apply this same logic when Boogie uses "someone said ____":



In the latter screenshot, Boogie just made that one up. There were no responses in his tweets or any mentions on Kiwifarms about him being a pedo.


Who better to pin the blame on than a group of people who Boogie despises? We know that Boogie thinks that people who don't like him are worse than rapists and nazis, so naturally they make the perfect fall guy when Boogie wants to avoid responsibility:

Pinned! Me vs a bunch of assholes.png

Blames Reddit for Career Dying.jpg
Here Boogie blames the Sam & Tolki megathread for him shooting at Frank Hassle:
Blames megathread after shooting (lies).png

critics ruined my career.png

Someone suggests that Boogie deletes Twitter seeing as it seems to get to him so much. Boogie instead blames Kiwifarms for his problems:
It's Kiwifarms fault, NOT TWITTER'S!!!!!.jpg

Boogie even goes to very extreme lengths to shift the blame onto his critics:

Sam & Tolki users apparently went around convincing YouTubers to make "Boogie Exposed" videos:


Why did Boogie stop using the Francis puppet which he purchased back in 2019?
1Francis Puppet - Critics said I was using it to attract kids.png

Low views? Nah. Francis videos being demonetized by YouTube? Nah. His critics are the reason. They convinced everyone that Boogie was a pedo who was using a puppet to attract children to his channel!

If that sounds absurd, that's because it is. The shit Boogie comes up to make his critics look bad is ridiculous. Ironically it only ever makes him look bad for the lengths he goes to.

This section could run for a very long time, but I also plan on covering "the critics" more another day. Just know that Boogie frequently blames his critics for the public opinion souring for him.

Mental illness is often Boogie's "get out of jail free" card. The way he falls back on it shows that this was a very effective way of avoiding responsibility for the majority of his life. Recently however, with all of the criticism coming Boogie's way, it's a lot more blatant when he pulls the card:

Muh anxiety:
Blames anxiety for posting tax info.png
Muh mental illness:
Blames mental illness.jpg

Mental Illness makes him address hate 2.png

(He casually avoids the fact that he'd gained 30lbs back at that point)
Mental Illness makes him address hate.png

Lost fans bc of dumb jokes and MENTAL ILLNESS.png

"Hey guys, if I say anything stupid tonight, it's because I was disassociating lol":


Sent those msgs bc i was disassociating.jpg

Boogie blames "depersonalizing" for any of his Twitter meltdowns:

Boogie claims that being yelled at will trigger his PTSD and he'll depersonalize:

Boogie's also gone on the record to say that you shouldn't blame mental illness for shitty behavior. Several times:



PTSD made me pull gun.jpg

"If during a PTSD attack I were to assault a stranger at a bar, I still go to jail for assault. I accept full responsibility of everything I say and do"

That's interesting Boogie, because you were blaming your mental illness time and time again for your urges to kill Frank Hassle during your Drama Alert meltdown.

Speaking of the Frank Hassle shooting, Boogie hilariously changed his Twitter bio to THIS after the incident:


What a truly pathetic attempt to save face. Boogie was getting positive attention for the first time in a very long time and took the opportunity to delude new comers with this Twitter bio.

This has very strong shades of DSP's attempt to debunk 7 years of "lies" about him because Pewdiepie sarcastically mentioned him in a video.

Is it possible, Boogie, that you are just an insecure little bitch? Because you sound very insecure. If you're so worried about what people say to you and you're so affected by what people say about you, you are insecure.

Eating healthy, brushing your teeth, exercising to keep the body able. Seemingly normal tasks for the masses. We may have a cheat meal here and there, skip an evening or morning for brushing our teeth and perhaps not exercise as much as we should, but for the most part we all do these regularly and know that we should if we aren't.

So does Boogie admit laziness for the reason that his teeth rotted out of his mouth?

Teeth rotted bc of bad genetics.jpg

Of course, genetics! Because genetics make your teeth rot out of your mouth. Unfortunately for Boogie, his family are one simple Facebook search away from debunking that excuse:



Their teeth are fine and actually look really good. In fact they have whiter and better kept teeth than some of my friends who are decades younger. Boogie's siblings are over 50 years old. So it's definitely not genetics, not that it could've been the reason for them rotting.

I will give him credit for admitting "neglect", but once again, this is followed up by him making other rationalizations (My mom's fault, bad genetics etc).

The Boogietruth Twitter account recently posted this video of Boogie blaming a pool diving mishap for his "messed up teeth":

Ahhh so more lies, more inconsistencies and more dodging accountability for his own errors. Just another problem of Boogie's that he lies about and doesn't accept.

Boogie has also blamed his family for him sleeping until midday (no really):

1It's my family's fault I sleep so late.png

(Lol, he's scared of the dark)

With Boogie's weight, I could go on for a considerable amount of time. You can find extensive coverage for his many excuses in my Boogie weight loss lies post here.

TLDR of that post is that Boogie is eating and drinking junk behind the scenes while pretending to be making an effort to lose weight. He denies gaining weight despite there being obvious evidence of the contrary in his weight loss numbers.

If you ever see Boogie with junk food, it's not his. Case in point:
Candy in bed excuse.png

To wrap up, I'll post a few more examples of Boogie making excuses:

Boogie making excuses for being cringe:

mental age of 15.png

Someone posts a clip of Boogie saying the "N" word (which Boogie earlier that night claimed to have not done in over 20 years):


I don't understand gamer shit, but I came across this thread (start from the bottom) the other day and thought that it fits in well. Truly pathetic and shows Boogie pulling out several of his favorite tactics:

(NOTE: I hit the character limit with this section, so had to cull many screenshots that depicted Boogie's gradual meltdown. Many manipulative tactics were used such as the abuse card, him saying that this is what happens when he gets off the fence and a Sammy Shield gets used for good measure)

It starts with a shitty HOT TAKE:

1 HOT TAKE!!!!!'.png

Backlash begins, so do the tears:
2 Wah wah verified accounts are being mean.png

He eventually blames antidepressants for what he said:
13 Pathetic excuse.png

Ironically Boogie gave Roseanne shit for doing the exact same thing months before:
14 Ironic dig at Roseanne.png

Boogie using his Francis character to go on a tirade:

Slip off the nice guy mask to be Francis.png

Someone on KF summed this tweet up perfectly:

Slip off mask 2.jpg

Boogie's "edgy sense of humor" is another reason that he finds himself in hot water. You could almost categorize this with his bad jokes. Here's a screenshot of him defending himself against the Sam & Tolki megathread:

Excuses in response to megathread.jpg

And here's a KF user's summary of Boogie's video addressing the megathread back in Aug 2019 (one of the finest months of Boogie meltdowns):

the hidden truth boogie doesnt want you to knwo summaryu.png

the hidden truth boogie doesnt want you to knwo good comment.png

Boogie has also recently blamed other content creators for him being seemingly blacklisted within the community:

I made mistakes but content creators are backstabbers.png

It's not Boogie's fault! He did nothing wrong. These people are just assholes. His responses are so predictable that you could even template them:

"Yes I did _____ BUT _____ (victimizes himself) happened."

He is the embodiment of this famous DSP quote:

And just as repulsive.

EDIT: Boogie recently said this on stream. This is a really good summation of where his head is at.
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Boogie dodges responsibility like he dodges salad. Because he's fat.

As an aside, a huge thank you to all the effortpost contributors lately. Not only is it impressive work compiling all that information into a legible format, but since we know the Boogster reads every single one of these posts, they have the added benefit of making him squirm in that sweaty fatsuit he calls a body.

going back to the excellent expose yesterday, I can tell you for a fact that we had a very hard line on anyone harassing boogie, you were not even allowed to post anything anyone posted to Twitter on the subredddit.

I was a mod at the time of the uncovering of the swatting, haber always made sure we were squeaky clean and not harassing him, anytime anyone tried to troll boogie and post it it got deleted and the person muted from the channel.

therefore as if any more weight to boogies alt who allegedly saw someone boasting about the swatting, this never happened. Also worth pointing out boogie claims frank was a member of the subreddit, the first time any of us heard about him was when he started hassling him off his own afford, he never visited the page to comment, Christopher Tom, Apollo legend and sunny v2 all had interactions with the mods and the page as a result of fallout from various dramas (and sunny building his audience), but none of these guys were active contributors to the site.

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