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Oct 18, 2018
I know I'm basically just repeating what has already been said, but it's genuinely remarkable how blind Boogie seems to be to his own narcissism. Almost every major story he talks excessively about he somehow manages to relate to his own experiences. Sometimes it's quite obvious that he is doing this deliberately (the Bob Saget stuff talking about crude jokes and being unfairly hated was a fucking eyeroller) to try and elicit sympathy for himself, but even when there is no half decent comparison to be made he still somehow makes 3/4 of the story about him.

Chandler Bing

You better not touch my gynafresh you bitch
Apr 15, 2021
G4 is alive again on YouTube. Sess is the head honcho now I guess.
Adam Sessler bought an Elizabeth Warren action figure and posted a selfie with it on twitter years ago. He looked absolutely miserable.

I'm surprised it took everyone this long to go after him. Boogies just as vile as Adam. Boogie just lies and hides it better.

Adam is unapologetically a massive leftist asshole. The guy also posted a picture flipping off the camera before surgery aiming it at Republicans.

Funny thing is even with all this drama Adam is still more successful than Boogie.

Jul 26, 2019
Common sense =/= Boogie2988


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Dec 28, 2014
Common sense =/= Boogie2988
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This fat fuck apparently is of the delusion that when the main reason people hate your fat guts is because you have zero principles and your opinions are like a weathervane, you should then start yet another failed series of dumb, fat videos about that very deep flaw in your character, or actually total lack of any sort of character.

In other words, I hope this fat fuck dies.

Aug 13, 2020

Here's a lower effort post on Boogie and the many grudges he holds against people who he feels have "wronged him" along the way.


Boogie dogpiled Keemstar after h3h3 made a "Content Nuke" about him:


Just remember that the internet apparently dogpiled Boogie when the megathread came out and that was unfair! :mad:


Boogie feels like an obituary is the appropriate time to tell people that Totalbiscuit threw him under the bus. Actually this is pretty on brand with Boogie, he usually waits until someone dies so they can't defend themselves:

TB death.png


Critikal was involved in some drama or something, so Boogie decided to speak about it. Never one to miss an opportunity to remind people that he's a victim, he throws in that Critical said some "nasty stuff about him":

Haters - Charlie said something mean about me wah wah wah.png

Because his Twitter audience is comprised of braindead followers, no one asked him why. However, Reddit is more fair game and one user took Boogie to task. Boogie of course, couldn't provide any evidence that Critikal was talking shit about him:

Haters - Charlie can't give example of what he said.png

The Commentary Community
As you can see below, Boogie has no problem with them supporting him during the Frank Hassle shooting, but he does have a problem when they criticize or mention him in a negative light:


Seems a bit hypocritical of him to accuse the commentary community of dogpiling him when he dogpiled Keemstar (and countless other celebrities and content creators).

Boogie has also taken the liberty to throw shade at various podcasts for saying slightly negative things about him in the past:


What happened between Boogie and Haber is worth a megapost in itself. Some context from this screenshot is that this happened around a time when Boogie still had overwhelming support from the general public (this was 2016-2017 and as you can see from OP's response to Boogie, he/she received a ton of backlash for daring to upload this fair post). Haber was one of the small minority to call Boogie out on his shit and of course Boogie loves to hold grudges! So as you can see in this screenshot, this person criticizes Boogie and Boogie automatically assumes that Haber either agreed with them or put them up to this:
Accusing Haber of things he didn't do.png

Christopher Tom
The man who uploaded the most viewed video about Boogie's true self wasn't spared either. Here's a screenshot of a DM that an r/samandtolki user received from a "freelance reporter" called "Gary Trammel". Gary also messaged other Sam and Tolki users asking for the same information on Haberdasher. I'm willing to bet that approximately <15 Boogie fans know what Sam and Tolki is and who Christopher Tom and Haberdasher are. I'm willing to bet that even less knew who the regular Sam and Tolki users were to send them the DM asking these questions:


Lucy Foxx
Lucy Foxx may very well be in Boogie's top 5 most hated people. He never wastes an opportunity to talk shit about her:

Lucy Foxx - Wouldnt trust her with my career (NDA outing).png


Contrary to Boogie's claims that Dez and him get along great, Boogie has let the mask slip on several occasions to reveal his true feelings towards Dez:

25 Dez not allowed Sammy - Copy.png

22 Shit talking Dez.jpg


SunnyV2 was a very small channel about a year or 2 ago, which is exactly when all of his videos came out about Boogie. From memory, most of them are no similar to a post like this: He just gives examples of Boogie doing shitty things and comments on them with a dash of humor here and there. Having sent a series of manipulative DMs to make Sunny feel bad only to have Sunny show those DMs in the video "SlimmyJimmy" is referring to, Boogie has seemingly given up hope of manipulating Sunny and now holds a grudge against him:


These days Sunny boasts a much higher subscriber count, so Boogie should thank his lucky stars that Sunny decided to make Boogie content when he was a much smaller channel:

(As shown in the screenshot, these were numbers Sunny was pulling when he uploaded his last Boogie video. He's currently getting 23M views per month, has improved his quality even more and is close to 1M subscribers. With Sunny's knowledge on Boogie lore and obvious dislike for him, he could upload a video that lands another serious blow to Boogie's reputation)


Boogie is extremely butthurt over Kyle from PKA not liking him. Whenever PKA are mentioned, Boogie doesn't hesitate to mention this or the fact that PKA's audience dislikes him:


Adam Sessler
And of course, today's example:
Grudge - Sessler 1.jpg
Grudge - Sessler 2.jpg
Grudge - Sessler 3.jpg

Pretty low-effort post this one but figured there's a few incidents relating to today's example which paint Boogie in a similar light. I unfortunately couldn't find the example of him saying that karma caught up to his mother, so if anyone has that, I'll add it in. He obviously holds a grudge against this thread as well as Reddit for daring to have users who see him for what he really is. Finally, I was unable to find a screenshot or the original tweet of Frank Hassle saying that Boogie was flagging his channel as it was happening. Boogie flagging Frank's channel down because he humiliated him on the Killstream is a prime example of his pettiness.

By the way, while I was trying to find the Frank Hassle tweet, I ended up on the r/haberdashera subreddit. I believe some weirdos made this sub to spite Haber while he was running r/samandtolki.

Anyway, I've been aware of this sub for a while but the most recent post did catch my eye:

Haber suspension 2.png
Haber suspension 1.png

This is nothing groundbreaking, but I thought it was worth a mention. Seems weird that Reddit would randomly suspend an account that had been inactive for a good year and a half.

As far as I'm aware, Haber didn't post anything after r/samandtolki was taken down and he didn't respond to a DM that I sent him just after it happened. He totally abandoned that account and Reddit altogether.
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Feb 3, 2021
He acts like 40 is old and its all hopeless its so insufferable, calling himself an old man like its some excuse. There is a guy on Youtube - Scooby1961 who is almost 65 and is in incredible shape. Not a problem for him and so many others over 40 who dont turn into blob monsters.

Jeff Cavaliere, Greg Doucette, and David Goggins are all the same age as Boogie. Randy Couture and George Foreman both had their last pro fights at around Boogie's age.

I know I'm basically just repeating what has already been said, but it's genuinely remarkable how blind Boogie seems to be to his own narcissism.
That's what makes him a narcissist. We all can have narcissistic traits but what sets regular people apart from faggots like Boogie is the ability to step back and be like " huh, I'm actually being a fucking asshole right now" every now and then and be able to accept some criticism even if it has to served in a compliment sandwich. Narcs like Boogie are fundamentally unable to do these things even if they're emotionally smart enough to know they should pretend to do these things. This is why Boogie seethes and holds grudges when someone calls him out for acting like a retard even if they do it in a polite and diplomatic way. Anything but asspats is aggression to the narc brain

cock gobbler
Nov 24, 2021
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He has been an obese spiteful blob for 2 years. I still haven't seen what the fuck boogie is talking about when it comes to adam 'dogpiling him'
>Be. Kind.

Says Boogie as he makes an unkind passive-aggressive post. This fat little girl needs to learn to shut his fat face.

Hey Boogie: When your sentencing drops I'll be among the first to say, "how's it feel buddy? Feels like shit don't it? Be. Kind."

By the way, Boogie, you're not much different from the sugar babies you hire. You both go online and beg for money. The only difference is sugar babies are successful. You're a failure by all accounts, Boogie.

Bugged Weight Loss
Mar 20, 2019
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He has been an obese spiteful blob for 2 years. I still haven't seen what the fuck boogie is talking about when it comes to adam 'dogpiling him'
With each post, this vindictive fatso somehow becomes more pathetic and loathsome. The amount of passive-aggressive seething in that second tweet alone. I can only picture his fat face with dead, lifeless eyes as he menacingly whispers "Be. Kind."

Oct 29, 2020
Today on "boogie uses the subject of his video as a springboard to complain about his detractors"

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But I thought this narcissistic fuck wasn't bothered by being called fat?


P.S.: "They turn you into a fat person"? Boogie, no one turned you into a fat person but yourself, you miserable blob.