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Dramacow Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by FifthColumn, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. When you aren't just a fat man, but fat itself acting as a parasite on what was once man.
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    Akpofure XenoQueen

  2. Please stop making Boogie sound delicious.
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    Tubular Monkey

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  3. Boogie eater!
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    Lou Wrong

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  4. He's so fat that in high school, he sat next to everybody.

    He's so fat, he sat on an iPhone and turned it into an iPad .

    He's so fat, he gave Dracula diabetes.

    He's so fat, that when he goes to McDonalds, they have to call Wendys for backup.

    He's so fat, not even Dora could explore him.

    He's so fat, his blood type is Nutella.

    He's so fat, whenever he goes to the beach, Greenpeace tries to push him back in.

    He's so fat, when he gets in an elevator, it HAS to go down.

    He's so fat, people jog around him for exercise.

    He's so fat, he can't even fit in this joke.
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  5. DSP: can't block!
    Boogie: can't walk!
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  7. For anyone wondering, this is his wife

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    The Fool

    The Fool hey this is making me shit

  8. Greatest timeline.
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  9. I foresee passive-aggressive 'it was a choice I'm perfectly fine with' while in actuality he's terrified by the prospect of having nobody to deliver his pizza to his room.
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    Vrakks You are huge! That means you have huge guts!

  10. Is it wrong to think that he still gets off on having the spotlight on him for more pitty points?

    In his video he said he was afraid he was giving the trolls ammunition and called out 4chan. More victim points though if it happened? I mean if he predicts the trolls are coming after him for this, poor me points are things he's gone for in the past. Somehow he made the abuse his family member went through about himself after all.
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  11. Boogie2988   Boogie2988    Twitter.png

    He was just attention whoring.
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  12. I knew it, he can't help but try to be in a spotlight even if it's negative. The guy loves being the center of attention. He'd throw his wife under the bus and damage her reputation just for a few hours of "OH NOOOOOO, But he's such a nice guyyyy"
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  13. I honestly can't think of a more pathetic and meek, yet still inherently dislikable cow than Boogie right now. The defeated way he essentially said 'yeah I think I'm getting separated with my wife but she's not cucking me LOL, she's just leaving because I'm a fat mess,' was annoying to watch, more than tragic or funny.

    It's even worse when you realise everything is okay now. She probably showed some doubts about staying with him, when she realised just how much she's going to have to look after him and he massively blew it out of proportion. He makes DarksydePhil seem calm and collected during a crisis here.
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    Karen Riley

    Karen Riley Things Can be fixed, but broken hearts suffer
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  14. There's always Mummy Dearest
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    The Fool

    The Fool hey this is making me shit

  15. That stream was probably his way of pressuring her into staying. Speculation brought forward by Jimbo on Twitter.

    This guy is the ultimate "nice guy" manipulator. "How could you consider leaving such a good guy?" These kinds of things are being hurled at his wife, who now has her Twitter protected because of his stunt. I really do hope she leaves his manipulative ass. No one deserves to be thrown under the bus in that manner. I don't even think dark syde Phil did that to Leanne.
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  16. Last August
    Between him rolling over when Anita shit talked him and this thing with his wife, I'm not too sure about my previous view of him anymore.
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    Hatoful Dandy

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  17. "Hey, guys. Boogie2988 here. Thanks for your concern. It was just an argument. I wanted to go diaper shopping with MovieBlob and she wanted to find a dick cuz she can't find mine... So we got in a fight. Happens twice a month. We compromised and made up. I'll be fine, but my arteries won't."
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  18. Supposedly they worked things out off stream. I have my doubts. There's only so much one can handle from a fat pathetic fuck.
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    Anonymus Fluhre

    Anonymus Fluhre No man fears what he has seen grow

  19. Yeah I think she made it clear she wants out and he only said that to stop his fans from harassing her. It's a pretty messed up situation all round. His wife is essentially his nurse, and his relationship is with food.

    It's hard to know what is really going on here but I believe Boogie when he says he's been behaving like a jerk due to his diet. Super fats like him always throw a tantrum when they don't get their junk food fix. Maybe she sees her role as enabler and caregiver coming to an end? Maybe she really doesn't like the idea of servicing Boogie when he becomes physically capable of sex? Maybe she was just after his YouTube bucks and now sees it all getting pissed away on his operation and recovery? Only time will tell.
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